Searching for Scholarships 101 Video Course

Scholarship Video Course

Here at LendEDU, our goal is to save you money in any way we can - we aren't just focused on private student loans and student loan refinancing. This is why we are constantly creating new resources for high school students, college students, graduates, and parents. 

We have found that most of the content out there about finding and winning scholarships is dry and boring. This is why we broke down the entire process into 6 separate videos that are easy to watch and digest. So grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and learn everything there is to know about scholarships!​

What Are Scholarships?

What Are the Different Kinds of Scholarships?

How to Find Scholarships

How to Apply for Scholarships - Essay Tips

How to Apply for Scholarships - Letter of Recommendation Tips

Avoiding Scholarship Scams

Welcome to your Searching for Scholarships 101 Video Course Quiz

What are scholarships?
This type of scholarship is awarded to students who meet a certain standard set by the organization who created the scholarships.
This type of scholarship is given based on the financial situations of students and their families.
This type of scholarship may be given based on heritage, home location, what school they are attending, or skills related to their company.
Which of the below do scholarships NOT require under general information?
Make up essay topics that will sound better to the reader.
When choosing the people to write your letter of recommendation, it's smart to choose teachers whose class you did well in.
Scholarships are always safe and do not require attention to detail when filling out the application.
Money given through scholarships needs to be paid back after graduation.
Most of the time, a passionate and interesting story will always beat out a boring, yet grammatically correct essay when applying for a scholarship.