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Student Loans

Athletic Scholarships

Student-athletes are in a unique situation to leverage their sports skills in exchange for an education. Funding opportunities are available for all types of student-athletes from swimming to football. One of the most frequent funding opportunities for athletes comes in the form of scholarships. Depending on the university, the amount of funding may cover up to full tuition and sometimes even a stipend. In addition to these scholarships, students may want to write to the coaches at their schools of interest. Coaches often have some money to allocate to student-athletes. Some other funding agencies below also offer scholarships for athletics:

Michigan High School Athletic Association

Michigan High School Athletic Association sponsors the MHSAA Scholar-Athlete Award. The number of awards varies by year. This year a total of thirty two scholarships worth $1,000 each are available to high school seniors who meet the eligibility criteria. In order to be eligible, students must be seniors who are currently participating in a sport through a MHSAA member institution. In addition, students must have earned a varsity letter before their senior year in high school. Eligible sports include football, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, basketball, gymnastics, ice hockey, soccer, lacrosse, softball, skiing, diving, swimming, track and field, tennis, wrestling, and volleyball. Students must have at least a 3.5 grade point average. Applicants are selected based on their essay, extra-curricular activities, responses to brief questions, and their letters of recommendation. More information about this opportunity can be found at:

Women’s Sports Foundation

Women’s Sports Foundation offers several scholarships. The GoGirlGo! Grants are aimed at increased funding to underserved females athletes. Eligible students must be between the ages of five through eighteen years of age. These grants are used to promote the use of physical activity programs among young girls who may not otherwise have access to sports. The Hershey Company is the sponsor of the Pennsylvania grant for girls. Funding may be used towards scholarships, program expenses, travel, fees, supplies, coaches, or facility rental. More information about this scholarship, including application information, can be found on the following website:

Women’s Western Golf Association Scholarships

Women’s Western Golf Association Scholarships provides funds to increase amateur golf events for girls and to promote education. More information can be found on their website at:

Davis Law Group Scholar Athlete Program

Davis Law Group Scholar Athlete Program provides funding to student athletes who excel academically and athletically. Every week during each school year, one student is awarded $100 in scholarships money and names as the DLG Scholar Athlete of the Week. After each school year, all winners are invited to a special event where two winners are selected to receive an additional $1,000 in scholarship money and a trophy. In order to be eligible, the student must attend a high school in Washington State and contribute in a meaningful way to their sport. Additionally, students must hold a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average. Students can read more information about the application and nomination criteria on the following website: Students who are not chosen have the opportunity to re-apply or be nominated again in the future.

Additional resources

If you’ve reviewed the scholarships above and want to continue searching for other opportunities, here are some additional resources for finding athletic scholarships: