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Scholarships for Tall People

There are scholarships for everything in life it seems. From being a redhead to having a particular eye colors, it seems that everywhere is someone wanting to fill a niche market with funding for higher education. Demographics, of course, are popular ways of delineating between scholarships but so, too, are physical characteristics like the aforementioned. For that reason, the following discusses one type of scholarship that is dedicated solely to the height of an individual. That is right! There are actually scholarships for being tall available to those who are looking for some extra funds to attend college and want to use their extra height to help them get a little cash for the journey ahead.

Sacramento Tall Club

It may come as a shock to those who are just absorbing the fact that there are actually scholarships for being tall but there are also clubs dedicated to those in this demographic as well. Individuals that are tall can gain a lot from learning from other people and sharing their stories with them. That is exactly why the Sacramento Tall Club was founded, as a way for men and women of tall stature to connect with one another.

The Sacramento Tall Club is open to men that are over six feet and women that are nearing that mark. Not only does the club hold special events and gatherings but they also provide scholarships as well. To be eligible, those applying should be a member of the Sacramento Tall Club and should also meet the above criteria. Further, they will need to demonstrate financial need and academic leadership. An essay portion with prompt also must be completed to be eligible for the Sacramento Tall Club’s list of scholarships for being tall. The scholarship amounts can range from year to year, so for more information be sure to click for details which can be found here.

Boston Beanstalks Tall Club Scholarship

Another organization that helps those who are taller connect with their fellow height-efficient friends is the Boston Beanstalks Tall Club. This organization, based out of Boston as the name suggests, is dedicated to providing individuals the opportunity to help individuals who are taller connect and discuss what it is that makes life for them challenging or exciting. They do this through a network of different activities including offering scholarships for being tall.

Those that wish to apply can be awarded up to five hundred dollars for their education. All applicants must be considered tall, with men having to be over 6’2” and women 5’7”. If this is the case, then, the individual can continue with the application. All individuals must be a member of service organizations in their communities and they must also demonstrate the struggles and benefits of being tall with the proper essay answers. This essay prompt can change depending on the year but tends to trend annually toward how being tall is empowering. For more information or to apply for this scholarship, click here.