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You can use multiple forms of financial aid to pay for college. Knowing where to start can help you finish school with as little debt as possible.

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LendEDU’s Financial Aid Reports

To identify financial aid trends, LendEDU conducts data-driven studies. These studies are based on the information we’ve collected through online surveys commissioned by...

Brand Name Scholarships

Paying for college can be expensive. Luckily, several big brands offer scholarships to help.

How Does Financial Aid Work?

Financial aid comes in many forms, including scholarships, grants, and loans, and is offered through a wide variety of sources.

Am I Eligible for Financial Aid?

Most people are eligible for federal financial aid, but private aid may be harder to come by.

How Grants for College Can Help Reduce Costs

There are many grant programs that students can use to help pay for college.

Scholarships for Blonde Hair

Many organizations and groups offer scholarships to help students afford a college education. Scholarships are free student aid, which means the funds you...

Scholarships for Short People

Can you get a scholarship for being short? If you’ve found yourself asking that question, the answer is yes! Some of the scholarships...

Scholarships for Brown Eyes

Scholarships are a free form of financial aid. Students can utilize these funds to pay for their college education. These awards do not...

Weightlifting Scholarships

Scholarships are a great way to help students cover the costs of attending higher education. This form of financial aid is free for...

Scholarships for Felons

When it comes to life, things happen. Everyone makes mistakes. While some of these mistakes can be minor, others can lead to serious...