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Student Loans

Student Loan Calculators

The following student loan calculators are designed to help you compare repayment options, payoff strategies, refinancing savings, tax deductions, and more.

You will find a quick summary of all of LendEDU’s different student loan calculators below. If you click on a calculator name, you will be taken to the page of that specific calculator.

7 Student Loan Calculators

Click on the calculator title to go to that calculator:

1) Student Loan Prepayment Calculator

Use this student loan prepayment calculator to ​determine how much you will save by repaying your student loans early.

2) Income-Based Repayment (IBR) Calculator

Unable to afford your monthly payments? Use this IBR calculator to determine your monthly payment options under the Department of Education’s income-based repayment plan.​

3) Student Loan Refinance Calculator

Use this student loan refinancing calculator to determine how much money you can save through student loan refinancing and calculate your new monthly payment after refinancing.

4) Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction Calculator

Did you know that you can write student loan interest off your income when you file your taxes? We created this student loan interest deduction calculator to help you determine the amount of your interest deduction this year. 

5) Student Loan Payment Calculator

Are you ready for repayment? Use this calculator to determine your total monthly payment including principal and interest.

6) Student Loan Comparison Calculator

Not all student loans are created equal. Use this calculator to find the best options and ways to lower the amount of interest you pay.

7) Deferment & Forbearance Calculator

The Department of Education offers all federal student loan borrowers deferment and forbearance benefits. Use this calculator to compare the two options and to learn about the available programs. 

Things to Consider When Using a Student Loan Calculator

When using a student loan calculator, you should be ready to take action on your repayment.

For example, if a student loan refinance calculator tells you that you could save $100 each month on your payment by refinancing your student loans, the only way to actually see that savings is by taking action.

Student loan calculators are great tools that can help you save on your debt. Just make sure you choose a path that you can afford, and will ultimately help you save on your overall costs.