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Pet Insurance Discounts That Can Lower Your Premium

Pet insurance can be a great way to protect your four-legged loved ones against accidents and illness. This coverage doesn’t come cheap, though. In 2020, U.S. dog owners paid an average annual premium of $594, while cat owners paid about $342 for an accident and illness policy.

Thankfully, resourceful owners can often find discounts on pet insurance, which can be effective in helping them take out and maintain an affordable pet insurance policy. Here’s a look at some of the most common pet insurance discounts available and how much they might be able to save you.

Pet insurance discounts

Pet insurance discounts are a way to reduce the monthly premium of your policy. These discounts are awarded for enrolling multiple pets, bundling policies, certain memberships and affiliations, and more.

Before enrolling your pet(s), make sure you’ve checked to see if you’re eligible for the discounts listed below. Note: the list is sorted in order of our perceived popularity.

Multi-pet discount

You may receive a discount when you purchase pet insurance coverage for more than one animal. This may be a flat “family plan” for a maximum number of pets or simply a discount on subsequent policies.

Here are some companies offering discounts for multiple pets:

Embrace10%Insure two or more pets
Spot10%Insure two or more pets
ASPCA10%Insure two or more pets
Pumpkin10%Insure two or more pets
FIGO5% – 10%Insure two or more pets
Lemonade5%Insure two or more pets
Pets Best5%Insure two or more pets

To learn more, check out our guide on discounts for multiple pets.

Bundle discount

It’s common for an insurance carrier to offer a discount when buying more than one policy type. A bundle discount may apply to your pet insurance policy if the company in question offers other insurance products that you also purchase.

Here are some companies offering discounts for bundled coverage:

Lemonade10%Bundle renters and pet

Military discount

Active duty military members and veterans may get discounted pet insurance policies through select carriers. Proof of military service may be required to qualify.

Here are some companies offering discounts for military pet owners:

FetchUp to 10%Active or former military
Embrace5%Active and former military

Employee benefit discount

Your company or corporation may offer pet insurance discounts to employees. These typically range from 5% to 10% and may sometimes be combined with other discounts.

Here are some companies offering discounts for eligible employees:

Embrace10%Offered by participating employers
Spot10%Offered by participating employers
ASPCA10%Offered by participating employers and groups
FIGO5% – 10%Offered by participating employers and groups

Online policy discount

A handful of pet insurance carriers will offer discounts in exchange for you buying your new policy online. This discount isn’t very common — probably because most policies are purchased online these days — but there are two carriers to consider.

Here are some companies offering discounts for buying a policy online:

Fetch10%AARP members save when purchasing a plan online

Animal care employee discount

If you’re an employee of a veterinary clinic, animal hospital, shelter, or other eligible animal care facility, you may qualify for a discounted pet insurance policy. In some cases, your workplace will need to enroll with a provider to unlock the discount; other carriers require you to prove that you’re an animal care employee.

Here are some companies offering discounts for animal care employees:

ASPCA10%Employees of participating veterinary practices
FIGO5% – 10%Employees of participating veterinary practices
Pets Best5%Adopters, volunteers, and veterinary staff of participating organizations

Medical services animal discount

If you have a pet that is a licensed therapy, support, or even comfort animal, you may be able to get a discount on an insurance plan. Fetch is one company that offers a discount for eligible medical service dogs.

FetchNot disclosedHave a licensed support, comfort, or therapy pet

Organization affiliation/membership discount

Members of certain organizations can be eligible for a discount. Two companies that offer this type of discount include Embrace and Fetch.

EmbraceUp to 15%USAA members
Fetch10%AARP members

Exam day discount

If you purchase coverage the same day your pet gets a veterinary exam (usually within 24 hours), you may be eligible for a discount. For example, Trupanion offers an Exam Day Offer Program that discounts premiums for your first 12 months for Florida residents.

TrupanionNot disclosedEnroll in a policy within 24 hours of a veterinary exam

Other pet insurance savings

Beyond the discounts mentioned above, some pet insurance companies offer additional savings on their policies. Here are a few other pet insurance discounts that you may encounter when shopping for a policy.

Reduced deductible for healthy pets

If your pet is healthy and goes claim-free for a year, you may be eligible for a lower deductible in the future. This benefit — offered by carriers like Embrace and PetFirst — is typically called a diminishing deductible.

The way it works is simple: if your pet doesn’t suffer an accident or illness in a given year, your provider will reduce your deductible the following year. This reduction will continue down to $0.

However, once you file a claim, your deductible will reset back to the original value.

Should you choose a policy based on available discounts?

Pet insurance discounts can be a great way to buy the coverage you want at a lower rate. But while these discounts can save you money, you shouldn’t necessarily buy a policy based on discounts alone.

Your priority as a pet owner should be finding the most comprehensive coverage you can for your furry friend(s). Consider factors like the policy’s coverage limits, waiting periods, deductibles, and more to ensure it’ll be there when you need it.

To do this, you can check out our picks for the best pet insurance policies available.

When are pet insurance discounts applied?

Once you’ve narrowed down your pet insurance policy options, you can start finding out which discounts (if any) apply to you. All discounts are applied to your premium, whether monthly or annual.

Some carriers allow you to combine discounts, amplifying your savings even further. Others only let you discount your premiums once, or may have overall discount limits.