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Pet Insurance for Poodles

You’re interested in poodle insurance for a good reason: it could save you money and lead to better vet care for your pet. The average cost of vet care for a dog’s first year of life can range from $250 to $1,000. It might be more if there’s a serious health issue.

Poodles tend to have more vet care needs than most due to their disposition to conditions such as hip dysplasia and epilepsy. That’s why pet insurance for poodles can be helpful. Here’s what you need to know if you’re looking for a health plan, and our recommendations for the top companies.

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The best poodle insurance

Our top-rated pet insurance companies offer excellent coverage for your poodle.


Best for coverage

4.9 /5
LendEDU Rating

Why we picked it

Some insurance companies, whether for pets or humans, seem to fall short in what they cover. 

That isn’t the case with Fetch. It’s a pet insurance company that offers the best coverage, in terms of how comprehensive the plan is, and so it’s poodle insurance that all poodle owners should consider. Because if you have a poodle, you may go to the vet a little more than the average dog owner.

Fetch covers up to 90% of unexpected veterinary bills (or you can pay less and have 70% or 80% covered), from veterinary exam fees to emergency vet visits to specialist vet visits. It covers breed-specific issues, and so it’s especially good insurance for poodle owners. 

If your poodle needs cancer treatment, surgery, chiropractic care, ultrasounds—that’s all covered. It’ll even cover boarding costs (up to $1,000) for your pet—if you go to the hospital.

  • Plans average around $35 a month for dogs and $20 for cats
  • Fetch works with any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada, including specialists and emergency clinics
  • Cancel risk-free during 30-day free trial


Best for fast claims

4.7 /5
LendEDU Rating

Why we picked it

Lemonade is a pet insurance policy built for speed. Once you turn in the online application, you may find your pet enrolled for pet insurance within seconds, and accidents are covered just two days after enrollment, and claims can be approved within minutes.

Beyond being an insurer known for fast claims, Lemonade allows you to customize your pet’s pet insurance policy so you can find a premium payment that works for you. It also offers multiple discounts. You’ll get 10% off if you bundle policies, 5% off if you have multiple pets, and you’ll pay 5% less if you pay annually instead of monthly.

  • AI-powered claims process
  • Preventive care plans along with accidents, illnesses and other health issues
  • Pays instantly on 50% of claims


Best for quick coverage

4.7 /5
LendEDU Rating

Why we picked it

Embrace offers the quickest coverage. That is, once you have the insurance, you’ll likely find that you have the least complications getting coverage with Embrace. They cover puppies and kittens at six weeks; they’ll even cover senior pets at age 15 and beyond but on an accident-only basis.

The coverage is very expansive, including accidents, illnesses, breed-specific and genetic conditions, dental illnesses, cancer treatment, chronic conditions, exam fees, and more. Embrace also embraces pre-existing conditions, as long as they are curable. There’s a 14-day waiting period before illnesses are covered; accidents start the moment the policy starts.

  • 24/7 Pet Telehealth line
  • Pets 15 and over can get accident coverage
  • Dental illness up to $1,000/year 


Best for selection of terms

4.5 /5
LendEDU Rating

Why we picked it

Spot pet insurance offers the best selection of terms for dog and cat owners. That is, the insurance policy is customizable. 

If you want a lot of control and flexibility over what your pet insurance will look like—such as changing deductibles, reimbursement rates, and coverage limits to fit your budget—Spot may be your best bet. 

You can also select between two levels of preventive coverage, Gold and Platinum. While you can’t enroll your pet until it is 8 weeks old, there is no upper age limit, though Spot won’t cover pre-existing conditions.

  • 24/7 pet telehealth helpline
  • Dog and puppy plans as low as $15 a month; cat and kitten plans as low as $9 a month
  • 10% multi-pet discount

Pet insurance costs for poodles

You might think you don’t need pet insurance, but all pet parents should consider getting it. You may feel you can handle routine veterinary costs, but poodle insurance can be very helpful if something unexpected happens to your dog. 

For instance, pet insurance can come in handy if your poodle eats a dishrag and needs surgery to remove it. Generally, pet insurance is cheaper for younger dogs and more expensive if you get it later in your dog’s life.

Here are some sample quotes for poodle pet insurance from Fetch pet insurance.

Poodle profileDeductibleMonthly premium
1 year-old male in Ohio$300 (80% reimbursement rate)$61.08 (max annual payout: $10,000)
5-year-old male in Ohio$300 (80% reimbursement rate)$94.77 (max annual payout: $10,000)
12-year-old male in Ohio$500 (80% reimbursement rate)$225.84 (max annual payout: $5,000)

Common conditions for poodles

Most dog breeds have specific health conditions that may arise over time, and poodles are no exception. Common conditions poodles face include the following:

Common conditionsAverage cost to treat (USD)
Unexplained vomiting and diarrhea$800
Ear infections$200

Without pet insurance, veterinary care costs for each condition come from the pet owner’s pocket.

In addition to these common medical conditions among poodles, you may also need veterinary care for epilepsy ($200 to $15,000), Cushing’s disease ($500 to $2,000), or Addison’s disease ($2,400 per year).

Find the right pet insurance for poodles

If you’re looking for a pet insurance policy, you’ll want to take the following steps.

1. Comparison shop

Look at several pet insurance companies. There are many good ones that share characteristics, but they all tend to have different coverage options, plan premiums, and restrictions. 

You’ll want to compare these policy features and the cost to ensure you get the best pet insurance for your poodle. Looking for the right pet insurance plan for your dog breed is a smart approach whether you have a poodle or another breed.

2. Before choosing a plan, be a pessimist

Hopefully, your poodle will always be healthy, but think about what might happen if your poodle does come down with a health condition that sometimes inflicts this breed, like bloat and eye diseases. Would you have the money to pay for your poodle’s health care? 

You’ll also want to check for restrictions on annual benefits that will limit your coverage. Really taking the time to research poodle insurance and ensuring the coverage is expansive can make a significant difference in keeping your furry friend healthy without significant financial risk.

3. Choose your pet insurer

Once you have done that and found the pet insurer that will give you the best coverage, complete the application. 


How much should you spend on pet insurance for a poodle?

The cost of pet insurance for a poodle can vary depending on factors such as the dog’s age, health, and location, as well as the coverage level you choose. On average, you can expect to pay between $30 and $50 per month for a standard policy. 

For more comprehensive coverage, including wellness visits and preventive care, the cost can be higher, ranging from $50 to $70 per month. It’s important to compare quotes from different insurers and consider what coverage best meets your needs and budget.

Is pet insurance more expensive for certain breeds?

Yes, pet insurance can be more expensive for certain breeds. This is because some breeds are more prone to specific health issues or hereditary conditions. For example, larger breeds like Great Danes and German Shepherds may have higher premiums due to a higher risk of joint issues and other health problems. 

Similarly, purebred dogs, such as bulldogs and pugs, often have higher insurance costs due to their predisposition to genetic conditions. It’s important to research the specific health risks associated with your pet’s breed when considering pet insurance.

What is the best level of pet insurance you can buy?

The best level of pet insurance depends on your pet’s needs and your budget. Generally, the highest level of coverage will offer:

  1. Comprehensive coverage: This includes accident and illness coverage, as well as routine and preventive care (such as vaccinations, annual check-ups, and dental care).
  2. High reimbursement levels: Look for policies that offer 80% to 90% reimbursement for covered expenses.
  3. Low deductibles: Policies with lower deductibles can reduce your out-of-pocket costs when you need to make a claim.
  4. High annual limits: Higher annual limits or unlimited coverage ensure that you are not capped on the amount you can claim each year.

Providers like Healthy Paws, Trupanion, and Nationwide are often recommended for their comprehensive coverage options. Be sure to compare different plans and read the fine print to understand what is included and excluded in the coverage.

How we chose the best pet insurance for poodles

Since 2018, LendEDU has evaluated insurance companies to help readers find the best pet insurance. Our latest analysis reviewed 357 data points from 17 companies, with 21 data points collected from each. This information is gathered from company websites, online applications, public disclosures, customer reviews, and direct communication with company representatives.

These star ratings help us determine which companies are best for different situations. We don’t believe two companies can be the best for the same purpose, so we only show each best-for designation once.

Recap of pet insurance for poodles

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