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Personal Loans

Pennsylvania Personal Loans: Online & Local Lenders

Personal loans are a type of installment loan with a fixed interest rate and fixed repayment term.

Pennsylvanians can get personal loans from national banks and credit unions, as well as online lenders, but there are also plenty of personal loans in Pennsylvania from local financial institutions that you can consider.

In this guide, we’ll cover how to find the best personal loans in Pennsylvania—and at the lowest rates. 

How to find the best personal loans in Pennsylvania

Getting a personal loan in Pennsylvania is like borrowing in any other state. They can be used for almost any purpose and don’t typically require collateral, although you generally need fair to excellent credit to qualify.

To get a personal loan in Pennsylvania, study the best personal loans available, paying attention not only to competitive rates but borrowing amounts and repayment terms. You’ll also need to find a lender where you’re likely to qualify with your current credit score.

Pennsylvania residents have an average credit score of 708. While it’s not the highest credit score average by state, Pennsylvanians do have a higher credit score than the U.S. average (698), meaning your chances of getting a competitive personal loan in Pennsylvania may be somewhat higher.

Not from Pennsylvania? Review personal loans by state to find the best offers where you live.

CredibleOnline in all states6.40%35.99%
LightStreamOnline in all states7.49%25.49%
UpgradeOnline in all 50 states8.49%35.99%
SoFiOnline in all 50 states8.99% – 25.81%
Happy MoneyOnline in most states11.72%24.67%
United Bank of PhiladelphiaGreater Philadelphia Region Not disclosed
FNCB BankLackawanna, Luzerne, and Wayne CountiesStarting at 10.074%
Orrstown BankPennsylvania and MarylandStarting at 11.74%
1st Ed Credit UnionTeachers and students at Pennsylvania schoolsStarting at 10.99%

Best Pennsylvania online personal loans

Pennsylvania residents have access to a variety of online personal loans. We’ve reviewed and rated top lenders, assigning “best-for” designations to help guide your choice. Each lender offers unique benefits tailored to different borrower needs.

Credible: Best marketplace

LendEDU rating: 5.0 out of 5

  • Compare prequalified rates from lenders1
  • No fees for comparing rates
  • Quick and easy prequalification process

Credible offers Pennsylvania residents a marketplace with a wide array of lenders, making comparing prequalified rates and terms easier in one place. The platform stands out for its no-fee policy and the ability to quickly prequalify, providing a hassle-free experience for borrowers.

Pennsylvanians can benefit from Credible’s streamlined process since it doesn’t include a hard credit check and won’t impact credit scores. With options ranging from small to large loan amounts and varying terms, Credible caters to various financial needs and profiles.

LightStream: Best for excellent credit

LendEDU rating: 4.8 out of 5

  • Competitive rates for high-credit borrowers
  • No fees, including late fees
  • Fast funding upon approval

LightStream is a top choice for those with excellent credit, offering competitive rates and no fees. Its quick funding time makes it an excellent choice for those needing funds as soon as possible.

With LightStream, borrowers in Pennsylvania can enjoy the benefits of no origination, prepayment, or late fees. The lender also offers a Rate Beat program, where it’ll beat a competing offer from another lender by 0.10 percentage points if the terms match those offered in your initial LightStream offer.

Upgrade: Best for fair credit

LendEDU rating: 4.9 out of 5

  • Flexible credit requirements
  • Direct payment to creditors for debt consolidation
  • Soft credit pull to check your rate

Upgrade stands out for its ability to offer personal loans to borrowers with less than good credit. It offers an online form where you can check your rate and see if you qualify without any effect on your credit score.

Its loans go up to $50,000, making it suitable for debt consolidation, with the option of direct payment to creditors. This, combined with transparent loan terms, makes it a reliable choice for borrowers with fair credit.

SoFi: Best for good credit

LendEDU rating: 5.0 out of 5

  • Member-only benefits
  • Large loan amounts available
  • No fees

SoFi appeals to those with good credit because of its impressive online experience and exclusive member benefits. You can borrow up to $100,000 and check your rate without impacting your credit in as little as 60 seconds.

There are no origination, application, late payment, or prepayment fees.

Happy Money: Best for credit card debt

LendEDU rating: 4.8 out of 5

  • Loans for credit card consolidation
  • Tools for financial wellness
  • Flexible loan terms

Happy Money focuses on helping borrowers manage and pay off credit card debt. In addition to its loan product, it also offers resources to improve financial habits to prevent future debt accumulation.

Happy Money provides a supportive environment for borrowers, offering loans with terms that prioritize lower monthly payments or faster debt payoff. This makes it a solid choice for those looking to improve their financial situation.

Local personal loans in PA

While national banks, credit unions, and online lenders may be convenient and offer competitive personal loan rates, they can’t offer the same personalized customer service you will get at a local financial institution.

If you’re working hard at consolidating debt, building credit, and getting on good financial footing, you may prefer an in-person banking experience. Helpful customer service agents will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns. You won’t have to spend hours on the phone waiting to connect with someone.

Sound like the right fit for you? Below, we’ve rounded up four of the best banks and credit unions in Pennsylvania for personal loans.

United Bank of Philadelphia: Best for bad credit

  • Credit builder loan to establish credit
  • Bank prioritizes minority community members
  • Small loan amounts available

United Bank of Philadelphia’s personal loan is actually a credit builder loan. You’ll be issued a United Blue Secured Visa Savings card, which is secured by an FDIC-insured savings account. This is a good stepping stone for Pennsylvanians who want to build credit.

Loan amounts range from $300 to $5,000, and the bank reports payment information to all three credit bureaus to help you establish or improve your credit history.

You’ll need to apply for the personal loan in person at one of two branches—either at Progress Plaza or Center City.

FNCB Bank: Best starting APR

  • Lowest APR of local Pennsylvania banks
  • Autopay available
  • Flexible terms

With FNCB Bank’s Autodraft enabled on your personal loan, you can get an APR as low as 10.074% (9.041% for secured personal loans). Terms range between three and five years, and you can get a loan as small as $1,500.

FNCB Bank has 16 branch locations across northern Pennsylvania, including in Lackawanna County, Luzerne County, and Wayne County. However, you can complete the application process entirely online if you don’t want to leave the house.

Orrstown Bank: Best for in-person banking

  • 21 branches across two states
  • Fixed rates and payments
  • Minimum $2,500 loan amount

Orrstown Bank has 16 locations throughout Pennsylvania and another five in Maryland; if you like in-person help for managing your finances, this is the best option for personal loans in Pennsylvania.

Orrstown Bank requires a minimum loan amount of $2,500, and rates start at 11.74%. Rates and repayment terms are fixed, and the loan is unsecured, so there’s no collateral necessary.

You can also apply for an unsecured personal line of credit through Orrstown Bank. These carry an annual fee of $15 and also come with a minimum loan amount of $2,500.

You’ll need to visit one of the physical branches to apply for your personal loan.

1st Ed Credit Union: Best for educators and students

  • Voluntary loan payment protection available
  • Fixed terms and rates
  • Designed for teachers and students

1st Ed Credit Union’s banking services, including loans, are primarily available to teachers and students at Pennsylvania schools, though there are a few other ways to become a member of the credit union. For instance, employees of select partner organizations, members of select groups, and family members of current credit union members may apply to join.

You can get personal loans for just about anything at 1st Ed Credit Union, with terms as long as five years. The optional 1st Ed Credit Union Protection Plus plan (an added cost) will waive or cancel loan payments if you pass away, become disabled, or lose your job involuntarily.

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While a national lender may have more lending options and a broader economy of scale, a local lender may offer a quicker and less time-consuming review and approval process. Local lenders may also offer their local clientele a more personalized and familiar service. Anyone applying for personal loans should always evaluate what works in their best interest and fits their needs appropriately.  

How to get the best personal loan rates in PA

Are you looking for ways to get the best personal loan rates in Pennsylvania? Here are a few tips to get lower APR offers on personal loans:

  • Use an online lender: While banking locally has its perks, you’ll usually find more competitive rates (and easier application processes) when you go with online lenders.
  • Choose a faster repayment term: Lenders tend to give the lowest rates to the shortest repayment terms. Just keep in mind that means your monthly payments will be larger.
  • Shop around: Don’t go with the first lender you find. Do your due diligence by getting pre-qualified with a few top-tier lenders, then go with the best option. This list of personal loan companies is a good place to start.
  • Work on your credit score: If you have a low credit score, you won’t get competitive personal loan rates. Assuming you don’t need the money as soon as possible, take a few months to work on improving your credit score by paying bills on time and reducing your credit utilization. If you don’t have time to repair your credit score because you need money now, start your search with these best personal loans for bad credit.

Not sure if you’re being offered a good rate? Use our personal loan calculator to determine how much you’ll actually pay over the life of a loan with the rate you’ve been offered.

Gather average rates and use the online calculator to compare and contrast total interest paid and average monthly payments. Also, compare the benefits and flexible options from each provider.   

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Pennsylvania personal loans FAQ

What are the best personal loans for bad credit in PA?

If you have bad credit, consider a marketplace like Credible or a lender like Upstart. Credible allows you to check your eligibility with multiple lenders from one location. Upstart’s eligibility criteria are unique compared to other lenders, and those with thin credit can be approved.

Where can I get quick loans in PA?

The online lenders listed above are good starting points for fast funding. Depending on the lender, you can receive funds as soon as the same day you’re approved.

Are any personal loan lenders not available in Pennsylvania?

It’s possible that some lenders don’t operate in Pennsylvania due to state-specific regulations or their operational policies. We’ve confirmed that the lenders above do operate in the state.

1 Prequalified rates are based on the information you provide and a soft credit inquiry. Receiving prequalified rates does not guarantee that the Lender will extend you an offer of credit. You are not yet approved for a loan or a specific rate. All credit decisions, including loan approval, if any, are determined by Lenders, in their sole discretion. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Rates from Lenders may differ from prequalified rates due to factors which may include, but are not limited to: (i) changes in your personal credit circumstances; (ii) additional information in your hard credit pull and/or additional information you provide (or are unable to provide) to the Lender during the underwriting process; and/or (iii) changes in APRs (e.g., an increase in the rate index between the time of prequalification and the time of application or loan closing. (Or, if the loan option is a variable rate loan, then the interest rate index used to set the APR is subject to increases or decreases at any time). Lenders reserve the right to change or withdraw the prequalified rates at any time.