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Timothy Moore

Timothy Moore is a personal finance and travel writer specializing in bank accounts, credit cards, taxes, and insurance. His passion is helping readers navigate life on a tight budget.

About Timothy Moore

Current Role

Personal finance journalist


  • Bank Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Personal Loans


  • Bachelor’s degree in professional writing and editing from Wright State University

Personal Finance Experience

Timothy has been writing about personal finance since 2017. He has contributed to major personal finance blogs, as well as written educational content for several banks and lending institutions.

Before becoming a full-time writer in the personal finance and travel space, Timothy served as a managing editor at a marketing agency, where he oversaw automotive content, including stories about vehicle financing and insurance. He also spent four years building a content production team for the consulting arm of a market research firm, producing in-depth business-to-business content marketing materials and complex return on investment analyses for major tech brands.

While personal finance is his major passion, Timothy loves traveling (on a budget!) and has been featured in multiple travel publications. He currently serves as managing editor of print for a travel magazine.

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