Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Student Loans 101 Course

financial aid scholarships and student loans 101 course

Section 1: Introduction

   Why We Created This Course

   Cost of College

Section 2: Financial Aid 101

   What is Financial Aid?

   Filing the FAFSA (Video)

   Explanation of EFC (Video)

   Explanation of Cost of Attendance

   Types of Federal Financial Aid (Video)

Section 3: Scholarships 101

   What Are Scholarships?

   Scholarship Facts

   Types of Scholarships

   How to Find Scholarships

   Scholarships Application Tips

   Avoiding Scholarship Scams

Section 4: Student Loans 101

   What are Student Loans?

   Federal Student Loans (Video)

   Private Student Loans (Video)

   Student Loan Interest Rates (Video)

   What is a Cosigner? What are the Risks? (Video)

   Promissory Notes (Video)

   Explanation of Origination Fees (Video)

   Tips for Responsible Student Loan Borrowing

   Refinancing and Consolidation


Welcome to your Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Student Loans 101 Course Quiz

1) Which four are the correct costs to consider when planning your finances in order to pay for college?
2) Which is NOT a form, mentioned above, of financial aid that students can obtain?
3) What does the FAFSA stand for?
4) What does The U.S. Department of Education define the EFC as?
5) Cost of Attendance is an estimate of how much it would cost to attend a college for how any years?
6) Which of these types of federal financial aid must be paid back?
7) How much money is awarded in scholarships annually?
8) You should hand out financial information and/or pay money while filling out a scholarship application.
9) What are student loans?
10) A cosigner is a parent, or other adult who is creditworthy and willing to assume legal responsibility for the loan liabilities along with you.