Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Student Loans 101 Course

financial aid scholarships and student loans 101 course

Section 1: Introduction

   Why We Created This Course

   Cost of College

Section 2: Financial Aid 101

   What is Financial Aid?

   Filing the FAFSA (Video)

   Explanation of EFC (Video)

   Explanation of Cost of Attendance

   Types of Federal Financial Aid (Video)

Section 3: Scholarships 101

   What Are Scholarships?

   Scholarship Facts

   Types of Scholarships

   How to Find Scholarships

   Scholarships Application Tips

   Avoiding Scholarship Scams

Section 4: Student Loans 101

   What are Student Loans?

   Federal Student Loans (Video)

   Private Student Loans (Video)

   Student Loan Interest Rates (Video)

   What is a Cosigner? What are the Risks? (Video)

   Promissory Notes (Video)

   Explanation of Origination Fees (Video)

   Tips for Responsible Student Loan Borrowing

   Refinancing and Consolidation


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