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Fish Tank & Aquarium Financing

Updated Jun 19, 2023   |   5-min read

Whether you intend to buy a 30-gallon tank or have your eye on a high-end, 500-gallon aquarium, one thing is certain: a fish tank is going to cost you some cash. Of course, your expenses will vary depending on your ambition.

Using a 30-gallon tank benchmark, you are likely to spend over $500 on a new tank and its accessories. Keep in mind that the tank itself costs only about $100; the remainder of expenses could be attributed to chlorine reducers, lights, gravel, food, water filters, and more.

Luckily, there are plenty of safe ways for aquarium financing, but you should carefully consider whether taking on debt to feed your hobby is worth it.

Finding Aquarium Financing

If you’re having trouble with financing your new aquarium, there are certainly a few options short of dipping into the home equity line of credit which is something we don’t recommend. There are several options when it comes to financing and supporting a fish tank, and most of them will have some impact on your credit.

The Manufacturer Financing Option

Some aquarium fish tank manufacturers offer financing through third-party lenders. These are typically unsecured loans. If your credit is excellent, then you would have a better chance at signing a financing deal with a third-party lender at a lower rate.

This is a special option with some interesting perks; for instance, you could use this to design and have a custom fish tank built. Keep in mind that this would only ramp up your expenses. If you’re having trouble paying for a tank in the first place, then going for a sweet, custom model is probably not a smart move. Like with any loan, your credit is on the line, so you would want to invest in something you can handle financially.

Like many other financial products, you can look into financing through a third-party or manufacturer online. Stay on the lookout for low offered rates, and compare these rates to other more well-known financing options.

The Credit Card Option

When you talk about financing anything, you can bring up credit cards. Paying for your fish tank on credit is definitely possible, but needless to say, you wouldn’t want to overdo it.

As opposed to signing on a new loan of some sort, you could take a look at your credit limit, map out your fish tank expenses, and dip into your already established line of credit. Of course, if you have plenty of expenses that already go on credit, then you would definitely want to consider how tacking on additional charges will change your finances.

You may already have a credit card to use, or you may need to open up a new one. Either way, your credit can be impacted. It would bode well to research how either scenario will alter your credit score.

One major consideration is the APR on your card since you may have to roll the expenses over a cycle. If you have an extremely high APR, then it may be possible to find a personal loan or manufacture financing deal with a lower APR that covers your expenses without the prospect of harsh revolving credit. If that is possible, then going with a credit card wouldn’t be recommended.

At any rate, it could be much simpler and faster to use your credit card, but you should weigh that convenience with the cost of buying on credit.

If you need a new credit card, you can check out our guide to the best credit cards.

The Personal Loan Option

A personal loan from an online lender is another prevalent option since the funds can be used for almost anything. If you have solid credit and an established income, then you may qualify for low personal loan rates.

Depending on the lender, you could choose between a secured and unsecured loan or a fixed and variable APR. Some personal loans lenders offer loan amounts as low as $500, but many of them set their minimums at $1,000 or $2,000. For some people, that limit could be too high for a simple fish tank; on the other hand, it could be just the right amount for fish enthusiasts who are looking at personal loans for fish tanks.

As mentioned earlier for many financial products, personal loan offers and lenders can be found along with all the pertinent details. You can compare which lenders offer products with no pre-payment penalties, or you can find the lenders that offer rate discounts for setting up auto-pay. Any consumer who considers personal loans for fish tanks should do the research and check on their finances before committing to the dotted line.

If you want to compare options, check out our guide to the best personal loans.

Aquarium Financing is Not for Everyone

Aquarium enthusiasts quickly learn that their hobby could end up costing more than they expected. If you are in a good financial position to utilize low-cost financing, then maybe you can consider a new, cool fish tank without much worry. However, for people who struggle to set aside money for future goals, it is probably not a good idea to finance a new fish tank hobby.

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