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Pawp Review: Coverage for Your Pet’s Medical Emergencies

24/7 vet advice and a fund to cover pet medical emergencies once per year

  • Emergency fund: $3,000
  • Age restrictions: None
  • Deductible: $0
  • Monthly premiums: $19

Pawp is an online provider, founded in 2019, offering an alternative to pet insurance. Pawp is on a mission to reduce economic pet euthanasia and surrender cases. The company claims that its pet protection plan is the most affordable on the market since only a small fraction of pet parents are enrolled in a pet insurance policy today.

This review will help you learn whether Pawp is the right choice for you and your pets.

In this review:

What does Pawp offer?

Pawp helps pet owners cover emergency medical costs for their pets. In this way, it is similar to pet insurance, but there are several differences.

For example, you can cover up to six pets with Pawp for a flat $19 per month. Traditional insurance premiums vary with many factors but can be as high as $100 per month for a single pet.

Pawp doesn’t cover routine care or provide consistent coverage. Instead, Pawp subscribers get access to a $3,000 emergency fund that they can use up to once per year to pay for unexpected vet costs.

When you use the emergency fund, you don’t have to make a copay or pay a deductible. Pawp subscribers also get 24/7 access to veterinary advice as part of their $19 per month plan.

Plan details
Available to all cats and dogs?Yes
Age restrictionsNone
Emergency fund$3,000
Monthly premiums$19
Multi-pet coverageUp to six pets on one plan
24/7 vet accessYes
Waiting period5 days

What is and isn’t covered by Pawp?

Pawp is different from traditional insurance because it will cover any cat or dog, regardless of age or pre-existing conditions. Some insurance companies will refuse to cover old pets or breeds with specific health issues.

Pawp is intended to cover emergencies rather than routine care. For example, if your dog eats something toxic or your cat suddenly starts struggling to breathe, Pawp will cover the bill if you bring your pet to the vet.

To use Pawp’s emergency fund, you need to start by video calling a Pawp vet. Once that vet confirms that your pet’s situation is an emergency, they will give you advice and first aid instructions and you can bring your cat or dog to any local vet of your choice (within four hours) for treatment. Post-treatment, all you have to do is have the vet’s office contact Pawp for confirmation and payment.

Non-emergency care, like regular checkups, vaccinations, and scheduled surgeries (like neutering or spaying), aren’t eligible for reimbursement with Pawp.

How much does Pawp cost?

The number one factor that sets Pawp apart from traditional insurance companies is its pricing plan. With conventional insurance, the monthly premium you pay will depend on your pet’s breed, age, and a myriad of other factors. If you have a high-risk pet, you could pay more than $100 per month for coverage.

Pawp has a single, flat pricing plan. You’ll pay $19 per month to get coverage from the company regardless of your pet’s age or breed. The cost remains the same even as you add additional pets to the plan, up to six pets.

How does the 24/7 vet access work?

One of the services that Pawp subscribers get is 24/7 access to veterinary advice. Many pet owners have had the experience of having a pet-related issue late at night when the vet is closed and having to decide between an expensive visit to a pet hospital or waiting to call the vet the next day.

Pawp makes it easy to video call a vet any time of the day or night to get advice that you can use to make sure your cat or dog stays healthy. Text chats with a vet are also available. The consultations are included in your $19 per month subscription, which can save you multiple vet visits and money.

Pawp also offers responsive customer support by online chat if you ever have a question about your plan.

Pros and cons of Pawp pet insurance


  • Flat cost of $19 per month

  • Cover up to six pets

  • 24/7 access to a vet for no additional cost

  • No eligibility restrictions

  • No deductible or copay


  • No coverage for routine or scheduled care

  • Coverage limit of $3,000 per year

  • Can only use the emergency fund once per year

How to get a plan through Pawp

Getting your pet coverage from Pawp is pretty straightforward.

Eligibility information

Pawp is relatively unique because it isn’t a traditional insurer, it doesn’t have to restrict breeds that receive coverage or exclude pets with pre-existing conditions.

Any dog or cat will be eligible, so you don’t have to worry about whether your pet will qualify for coverage.

How to apply

To apply for Pawp coverage, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Pawp’s website.
  2. Click “Get Covered”
  3. Provide some basic information about your pet (name, species)
  4. Enter your payment information

There is a five-day waiting period from the time you purchase coverage to when it kicks in.

How Pawp compares to traditional pet insurance

It’s important to remember that Pawp isn’t a traditional per insurance provider. This can be both a benefit and a drawback. In general, Pawp is cheaper than conventional insurance. However, the company helps to pay for pet emergencies but doesn’t provide any additional coverage or add-on wellness plans.

Pawp’s emergency fund is also good for just one use per year. If your pet has two emergencies in the same year, you’ll be out of luck and need to cover the cost for the second emergency out of pocket. Traditional insurance will cover your pet regardless of how many issues they have in a year.

 PawpTraditional insurance
Monthly premiums$19$40 – $100
Multiple pet coverageUp to six petsSome offer small discounts
Deductible$0$100 – $2,500
Copay$010% – 50%
ReimbursementImmediately, at the clinic10 – 20 working days after care

Where to find Pawp alternatives

Pawp might be an excellent fit for you and your pet’s needs, but it isn’t the only company that helps pet owners protect their pet’s health. Take the time to shop around and compare your options because you may find a better service or a great deal.

If you expect to need coverage for more than one emergency per year, you’ll probably be better off with traditional insurance. Make sure to compare pet insurance companies to find a provider.

If you like the idea of a non-insurance alternative to keep your pet cared for, you can check out our review of Pet Assure.

Ready to take out a plan with Pawp? Check out its website.

  • Monthly premium: $19
  • Pets covered: Up to 6
  • Emergency fund: $3,000