TJ Porter

TJ Porter

TJ is a Boston-based freelance writer who specializes in credit, credit cards, and bank accounts. He graduated with a degree in business from Northeastern University and has been featured on Credit Karma, DollarSprout, and Bankrate.

Articles by TJ Porter:

American Hartford Gold Review

American Hartford Gold Group helps investors buy and hold silver, gold, and platinum. The company has excellent customer reviews and celebrity endorsements.

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Best Personal Loans for Good Credit

If you have good credit, personal loans are a great way to borrow money at low rates. We'll cover some of your options below.

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3 Best RV Insurance Companies of 2021

Some of the best RV insurance policies come from national insurers who make it easy to bundle your coverage. To get the most bang for your buck, customize your policy to cover only what you need.

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EyeMed Vision Insurance Review

EyeMed Insurance offers eye insurance to individuals and employers in most states. You can choose from three different levels of coverage to customize your vision benefits to your needs.

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Renters Insurance for Pit Bulls

People who own pit bulls might have trouble finding renters insurance, and if they do, they may have to pay a premium for the coverage. Check your options and consider alternatives to renters insurance, if necessary.

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Best Student Loans for Pharmacy School

When you’re paying for pharmacy school, scholarships are the best way to do it. Once you’ve exhausted scholarships and grants, you can use federal and private student loans to cover your costs.

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Best Fixed-Rate HELOCs

HELOCs let you turn the equity you’ve built in your home into a source of cash. A fixed-rate HELOC makes the cost of your HELOC more predictable, though typically you’ll have a slightly higher interest rate.

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Spot Pet Insurance Review

Spot Pet Insurance lets you customize your pet's coverage, making it easy to find a policy that fits your budget.

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MetLife Pet Insurance Review

MetLife pet insurance covers any breed of pet over eight weeks old, but they offer low annual benefit maximums and can be expensive for older dogs.

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Boxer Pet Insurance

Keeping your Boxer healthy is a priority of dog owners. Pet insurance can help make pet care less expensive and save you from the pain of making healthcare decisions based on the cost.

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