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Hartville Pet Insurance Review

Hartville Pet Insurance
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Editorial Rating

Editorial Rating

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Simple reimbursement plan

Monthly Premium$8$80
Deductible$100, $250, $500
Benefit Limits$5,000Unlimited
CoverageAccidents, illnesses, testing for covered conditions, hereditary conditions, dental disease, and knee & ligament injuries
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Pet insurance is a valuable financial asset for pet owners who want to protect their furry friends. Many pet owners consider their pets part of the family. If your pet gets sick or injured, you want the best care possible, which can get expensive.

Pet insurance helps cover your pet’s veterinary costs, including surgeries, emergency care, regular check-ups, and immunizations.

Hartville is among the companies offering pet insurance you may want to consider. Part of Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group, Hartville is one of the original pet insurance providers. It continues to focus on offering security for you and your pets.

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Complete Coverage Plan

One of the easiest insurance coverage plans Hartville offers is its Complete Coverage Plan.

What is covered

Under this policy, Hartville covers “the same costs you’d expect your own health coverage to take care of if you were hurt or sick.” That includes treatment of injuries after an accident, such as emergency care, hospitalization, exam fees, and necessary medications.

The company’s Complete Coverage Plan also covers illnesses, including long-term or expensive issues such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, or cancer, many of which have costly treatments. Preventive veterinary care is also covered with an optional rider, including well-pet visits, immunizations, and any dietary prescriptions or supplements your pet needs.

Reimbursement & costs

The plan reimburses you a percentage of the costs based on your vet bills and the plan level you sign up for. You could get reimbursed for 70 percent, 80 percent, or even 90 percent of your costs.

Like your own health insurance policy, you’ll have an annual deductible in amounts such as $500, $250, or even just $100. Annual coverage limits start at $5,000 with an unlimited maximum payout limit. You can choose the annual limit when you enroll.

There is a 14-day waiting period for diagnosis, treatment, and surgery when it comes to illness and ligament and knee issues.

>> Learn more about Hartville Complete Coverage on its website.

Hartville Preventative Plans

If you’re only looking for an insurance plan for everyday preventive care, Hartville offers Basic Preventative Care and Prime Preventative Care plans that cover annual exams, vaccines, and other regular costs for maintaining your pet’s health.

The plans are optional add-ons and come in three iterations:

  • The Prime insurance plan covers care from routine dental cleanings and deworming to blood and fecal tests, immunizations, and dietary supplements.
  • The Basic plan, on the other end of the cost spectrum, covers the same procedures but reimburses at a lower rate.
  • Hartville also offers accident-only coverage for illnesses, accidents, behavioral problems, and hereditary conditions. Accident and illness coverage has no waiting period except for ligament and knee problems.

How much does Hartville pet insurance cost?

Starting at just $10 per month, Hartville pet insurance can be an affordable option for pet owners. As health or life insurance costs are based on your risk factors, pet insurance costs depend on the animal species, breed, location, and age.

A young house cat, for instance, might cost less to insure than a large-breed dog that guards livestock. Before choosing a policy, talk to a Hartville representative to see the costs for your pet.

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Are there any exclusions for Hartville pet insurance?

Hartville is one of the more extensive pet insurers, but its insurance has several exclusions. If your pet has a preexisting condition, Hartville might not insure them. Optional expenses, such as breeding costs and cosmetic procedures, are also excluded from coverage.

Before signing on to any policy for your pet, make sure to research several companies and understand their coverages and costs. Always read the fine print and comparison shop before choosing a provider.

Ask questions, and don’t forget to read reviews from real customers to see what others’ experiences are with that company. When you’re stressed and worried about your pet, your insurer’s customer service might make all the difference.

Ready to get Hartville pet insurance? Check out its website.

  • Deductible: $100 – $500
  • Reimbursement: 70% – 90%
  • Benefit limit: $5,000 – Unlimited