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Best Exotic Pet Insurance

While most pet insurance targets cats and dogs, there’s a world of exotic pets often overlooked. Where do you turn to if you want pet insurance for your parrot, iguana, or sugar glider? 

As it turns out, Nationwide is one of the only companies offering exotic pet insurance. Below, we’ll explore what exotic pet insurance covers and how Nationwide stands apart in this niche market.

What are exotic pets?

The term “exotic pet” generally refers to animals that aren’t domesticated dogs or cats. Instead, these are creatures that have unique care requirements or originate from distinct habitats outside typical domestic settings. 

While there isn’t a universally agreed-upon definition, the consensus is that an exotic pet is any animal outside the realm of standard pets. Examples include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Birds like parrots and toucans
  • Reptiles like bearded dragons and iguanas
  • Small mammals like chinchillas and ferrets
  • Large mammals like mini-pigs and goats
  • Amphibians like frogs

What is exotic pet insurance?

Exotic pet insurance is a specialized insurance plan that covers medical costs related to uncommon pets like birds, reptiles, and small mammals. Just like pet insurance for cats and dogs, this policy helps you manage expenses if your pet faces accidents, injuries, or illnesses.

Most pet insurance companies design their policies around typical ailments and treatments that cats and dogs experience. Exotic pets have distinct health issues and care needs that don’t fit this mold. 

For example, birds may experience excessive egg-laying or feather loss, or reptiles may experience mouth rot or pneumonia. Exotic pet insurance steps in to help cover these specialized situations. 

What is the best exotic pet insurance?

Exotic pets deserve the same level of attention as our cats and dogs. But not all pet insurance companies cater to these special members of our families. 

We scoured the internet to find which pet insurance companies truly offer coverage for exotic pets, and here’s what we found: Nationwide is the only company that currently offers exotic pet insurance coverage. 

CompanyExotic pets coveredExotic pets not coveredCoverage highlightsHow to get a quote







Guinea pigs







Potbelly pigs




Sugar gliders


Venomous species

Endangered species

Species needing state/federal permits

Species illegal to own by law

Hybrids with wild/non-domesticated species

Species kept in flocks or on display
Covers accidents, injuries, and illnesses

No age restrictions 
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  • Nationwide stands out as the sole company to offer dedicated insurance coverage for exotic pets.
  • It insures a wide range of exotic animals from birds to reptiles.
  • Similar to regular pet insurance, exotic pet insurance covers accidents and illnesses.

While most insurers limit their services to common pets like cats and dogs, Nationwide recognizes the growing number of households with unique pets like reptiles, birds, and small mammals. It covers various medical issues, ranging from minor illnesses to major injuries. There’s a 14-day waiting period for accidents and illnesses. 

Unlike most pet insurance for dogs and cats which often have an annual deductible, Nationwide’s plan works on a per-incident basis. This means each separate illness or injury will incur its own $50 deductible rather than having a single deductible for all claims within a year.

For those interested in routine care, Nationwide offers an add-on for just $99 annually. While the monthly premium varies based on the pet type and selected coverage, prices generally begin at under $21 per month, making it both affordable and beneficial for exotic pet owners.

You can get a free Nationwide exotic pet insurance quote by calling 844-397-8937. Online quotes aren’t available. 

  • Waiting period: 14 days
  • Deductible: $50 per incident
  • Per-incident coverage: Up to $2,000
  • Annual coverage: Up to $7,000
  • Reimbursement percentage: 90%
  • Add-ons available: Routine care coverage for $99 per year

How to get the best pet insurance for exotic animals

Getting exotic pet insurance looks a lot like getting regular pet insurance. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Research your options. Currently, Nationwide is one of the only exotic pet insurance providers. Many mainstream insurers cater only to cats and dogs, so you’ll need to find those that specialize in exotic animals. 
  2. Request a quote. Once you’ve found a provider, request a quote. This typically involves providing details about your pet: species, age, medical history, etc. You can get a quote for Nationwide exotic pet insurance by calling 844-397-8937.
  3. Read the fine print. Exotic pet insurance often has specific exclusions. Are there species they won’t insure? What conditions or treatments are excluded? For example, Nationwide doesn’t cover endangered or venomous animals.
  4. Choose your coverage level. How much coverage you need will depend on your pet’s species and specific health requirements. Don’t forget to add on routine care coverage if you want help paying for things like annual vet visits and vaccines.
  5. Finalize and purchase your policy. Once you’re satisfied with your quote, finalize and purchase your policy. Review the claims process to know what to do if your pet needs to visit the vet.

Alternatives to exotic pet insurance

While Nationwide stands out as a leading provider of exotic pet insurance, there are alternatives available for pet owners seeking a different kind of coverage. 

Pet Assure offers an intriguing option through its Veterinary Discount Plan. Instead of traditional insurance, Pet Assure provides an instant 25% discount on a wide array of in-house medical services, from routine care and wellness visits to cancer care and surgical procedures.

To access these benefits, Pet Assure must be part of your employer’s benefits program. Once you enroll, you can download the Pet Assure app and present your ID card to one of over 5,200 participating veterinarians across all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. 

The 25% discount applies to in-office treatments, with no exclusions based on age, breed, or type of pet. Plus, the plan covers all pre-existing conditions and comes with no waiting periods, deductibles, or claim forms. 


What is the best pet insurance for exotic animals?

The best pet insurance for exotic animals is currently Nationwide. It’s one of the only companies offering comprehensive coverage for a wide range of exotic pets. Its plans cater to the specific needs of unique animals—from sugar gliders and guinea pigs to geckos and snakes.

How much is exotic pet insurance?

Exotic pet insurance with Nationwide starts at less than $21 per month. Factors like your pet’s species, age, and location can influence the price. Also, your monthly cost will depend on the type of coverage you choose. You can get an accurate estimate by requesting a quote for your specific pet.

What are common exclusions for exotic pet insurance?

Exotic pet insurance often excludes venomous or poisonous species, endangered or threatened species, animals that require permits, licenses, or registration by state or federal law, and species that are illegal to own. Also, pre-existing conditions aren’t typically covered, although some exceptions may apply.