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AARP Pet Insurance Discount

Pets can bring a lot of happiness into people’s lives, but they are also expensive thanks to costs associated with food, boarding, and medical expenses.

One way to make unpredictable medical expenses more predictable is to get a policy from a pet insurance company.

AARP’s increasingly popular pet insurance offers owners customizable coverage, claims, reimbursements, and customer service. The pet insurance is similar to health insurance for humans, but it’s geared toward pet parents. Through AARP’s benefits, members can find affordable pet insurance coverage with many benefits.

This article will discuss the benefits that AARP’s pet insurance option can provide and offer a pet insurance review along with details like any monthly premiums.

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How AARP Can Help Make Pet Insurance More Affordable

According to AARP, one out of every three pets will need unexpected veterinary care every year. To help pet owners deal with these costs, AARP offers its members Fetch pet insurance.

Fetch is accepted by every vet in the United States and Canada and the pet insurance from this pet insurance provider offers the following:

  • Diagnostic tests, including X-ray, MRI, CT scan and ultrasound
  • Hereditary and chronic conditions
  • Non-routine dental treatments, including periodontal disease alternative and holistic therapies
  • Non-routine veterinary examination, office visit fees, and prescription medications
  • Referral visits and specialist treatments
  • Surgery and rehabilitation
  • Treatment for accidents and illnesses, including cancer

Once an insurance policy has been selected, AARP members can either sign up online or call 800-239-6870. They will be eligible to save up to 10% on premiums (a 5% online discount and a 5% AARP member discount) and receive a $35 Visa® Prepaid Card to help pay for their pet’s wellness expenses.

Obtaining a Fetch Policy

  • Deductible: $100 – $1,000
  • Reimbursement: Up to 90%
  • Coverage: accident, illness, hospital stays, advanced testing, non-routine veterinary exams, dental injuries, periodontal disease

Interested AARP members will begin by reviewing potential pet insurance plan costs and entering their pet’s info for a free Fetch quote. This includes the pet’s name, dog or cat, breed and age, and the owner’s contact information.

Policy benefits of these pet health insurance options include an annual coverage beginning at $5,000 for accidents, injuries, and illnesses. There is a deductible choice of $100 to $2,500.

Restrictions and Waiting Periods

According to Fetch’s FAQ, regardless of the provider, pet insurance doesn’t cover conditions that were present or show clinical signs or symptoms before a policy is established or during policy waiting periods. However, Fetch is unique from other providers because it distinguishes between incurable and curable pre-existing conditions.

The company reinstates coverage for curable conditions once an exclusionary period has passed. In other words, an incurable condition will not be covered, but curable conditions such as an ear infection, periodontal disease, or UTIs and other wellness care services will be covered after a certain period passes without recurrence.

In addition, new policyholders will undergo a 15-day waiting period starting at the policy’s effective date and a five-day waiting period starting on the policy’s effective date that will not cover pet injuries.

Fetch will not cover any illnesses and the waiting periods don’t apply to any renewal of the policy if renewal coverage is continuously maintained. Conditions for clinical signs seen during the waiting periods are also excluded from a policy as pre-existing conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Pet Health Insurance?

By purchasing pet insurance, pet owners can obtain protection for emergency expenses and unexpected veterinary bills including accidents or illnesses incurred by their pets.

They can also receive quality care, regardless of cost. This pet insurance benefit will come at a small monthly cost, but it protects consumers from unplanned medical expenses incurred with owning a pet.

In addition, pet insurance can also pay for routine medical expenses. This includes annual checkups and prescriptions for chronic conditions.

Bottom Line

For AARP members, obtaining a Fetch policy through membership benefits can save them up to 10 percent for pet insurance. While this may not seem high, the cost benefits of pet insurance can far outpace the extra monthly cost. Fetch also offers tailored pet insurance that meets different needs based on varying deductible and reimbursement choices.

Consumers must be 50 years of age or older to receive benefits from an AARP membership. There is a $16 yearly cost, and if a person is old enough, a membership could be a financial option worth considering as it offers many membership benefits to save money in addition to Fetch’s pet insurance.