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Klover App Review: Cash Advance & Budget

Our take on the Klover App

  • Get a cash advance of up to $200 
  • Qualify without a credit check
  • Agree to share your data with the app instead of paying fees or interest

Klover was founded in 2019 on the premise that financial tools should be available for everyone. The Klover app offers up to a $200 cash advance without fees, interest, or even a credit check. It does this by leveraging customer data with advertising partners. 

Klover might work best for someone looking for a small cash advance who doesn’t mind waiting a few days. That person also must meet eligibility requirements. Let’s explore more about how it works, the Points Program, how it stacks up against competitors, and more. 

How Klover’s cash advance app works

Klover’s cash advance app integrates with your checking account and allows you to borrow a small amount until payday. It’s free, doesn’t charge interest or fees, and doesn’t require a credit check. Instead, you agree to share your data with the app.  

The cash advance amount is $200 or less, and the time to fund isn’t instant unless you pay a fee of $1.99 to $16.78. Despite these shortcomings, the app has over a million downloads with high ratings.

For what it offers, Klover is a much cheaper alternative to a payday loan. In exchange, you grant the company access to your personal and financial information and must complete several tedious tasks to earn the right to a higher cash advance.

Other requirements users must meet to qualify for a cash advance include regular direct deposits in your checking account. Repayment is automatic, scheduled from your checking account on your next payday. 

Advance amounts$5 – $200
Interest rate0%
Fees$0 if delivered in 3 business days

$1.99 – $16.78 for instant transfer*
Repayment timeNext payday
Funding time with a feeSame day
Funding time without a fee3 business days
*Klover’s website does not make clear the reason for the wide variance in fees.

About Klover’s points system

When you sign up for the Klover app, you’re automatically enrolled in Klover’s Points Program, which rewards users with points for answering questions about their financial transactions. You can use points for cash advances, sweepstakes, fee reductions, and cashouts. 

You can earn points in one of the following ways:

  1. Take a survey. Taking surveys listed in the Points Program app can boost the points in your account. 
  2. Scan receipts. You can earn points with each receipt you scan if the amount on the receipt matches the amount charged to your debit card. (Not all receipts will earn points.) 
  3. Watch ads. You can earn points by watching ads listed in the app. Most are between 60 and 90 seconds long. 
  4. Link an account. You can earn points by linking certain accounts, such as those from Walgreens or Target.
  5. Sign up for special offers. The app has special offers that grant points in exchange for signing up with a partner or service.  

The minimum requirements to redeem points for a $5 cash advance include a linked checking account in good standing with your bank.

In addition to the above requirements, if you want a larger cash advance—$10 to $100—you also need at least three paychecks directly deposited in the last two months. The linked checking account also needs to show positive cash flow (i.e., you’re not spending more than you make) and have at least 90 days of transaction history. 

If you want a larger cash advance amount, you must earn it by using the Points Program. 

To opt out of the Klover Points Program, you can email support at [email protected].

Who’s eligible for a Klover cash advance?

All borrowers who meet the minimum requirements are eligible for a Klover cash advance. However, the amount varies and is small at first. The more you use the Klover app, the higher the amount of cash advance you may be eligible for. 

Other requirements include:

  • Paycheck information must match. This includes the description, amounts, and spelling.
  • At least three consecutive direct deposits to your primary checking account (savings accounts don’t count). 
  • Direct deposits must be consistent for the last 60 days (i.e., you have a reliable job and get paid regularly). 
  • No gaps in pay.
  • Deposits come from the same employer.
  • Deposits don’t come from a payday company or another lender.
  • Deposits can’t come from Venmo, PayPal, or cash or ATM deposits.
  • Checking account must be in good standing and active for at least 90 days.
  • You’re paid weekly or biweekly

Klover doesn’t work with individuals who are self-employed, on unemployment, or who earn a monthly income. 

Klover’s budgeting tools

Klover provides extras so users can customize their app experience. It’s called Klover+. 

How does the Klover budgeting app work?

Klover’s budgeting tool is called Klover+ and includes personalized spending and saving tools. It costs $3.99 per month and offers extra customization and support beyond the unpaid version, including:

  • Financial advising
  • Price comparisons
  • Credit monitoring

Users can access cash advances without paying a monthly fee for Klover+, but it is possible to earn more points through Klover+ by meeting saving and spending goals. 

How does Klover use your data? 

Klover collects data on users in exchange for fee-free services and cash advances. You may already be granting these types of permissions to other apps, but you’re right to be concerned about how your data is being used and sold. Data that may be shared includes:

  • Location
  • Identifiers
  • Payment data
  • Personal information
  • Credit score
  • Purchase history
  • Other financial information

Klover uses bank-level encryption to keep your personal information secure. 

How does Klover compare to other cash advance apps?

Klover isn’t the only cash advance app on the market. Here’s how it compares to several others. 

AppFees (per mo.)Max loanFastest funding & fee
Klover$0$200Max 6 hours

$1.99 – $16.78
Brigit$9.99 – $14.99$25020 minutes

Chime$0$2002 hours

Dave$1 $5001 hour

$3 – $25
Empower$8$25015 minutes

$1 – $8

$0.49 – $8.99

Should you use Klover’s cash advance app?

Klover’s cash advances are small, and if you need immediate funds, you’ll pay a fee. If you can wait three business days for a small cash advance and earn regular paychecks, this app could work for you. 

If you need money now, consider all your options. The cash advances are small, and you must take several steps to unlock higher cash advance amounts, which you might find tedious. But if you like filling out surveys, answering questions about your transactions, and don’t mind a financial app sharing your data with its partners, you might be a suitable candidate for this zero-fee app. 

How to get a Klover cash advance

The steps to get a Klover cash advance are straightforward, even if you want a bigger cash advance.

  1. Download the app. After downloading the app, you’ll enter your personal information, address, birthdate, employment information, phone number, and email address.
  2. Link your checking account information. Klover needs to verify your account and deposit. It also needs a place to send the cash advance to.  
  3. Show three consecutive direct deposits. If you have a new job, you must wait until you have three consecutive direct deposits on weekly or biweekly intervals to qualify for a cash advance. 
  4. Use the app more. The more you use the app, the more points you’ll earn. The accumulation of points can go towards earning a larger cash advance. 
  5. Use your points for cash. Trade in your points for a larger cash advance. 
  6. Schedule a payback date. This will be your next payday. 

Getting a large cash advance from Klover is more difficult than with other cash advance apps because you must “earn” it by completing tedious tasks in the app. And if you want instant cash, you’ll pay a fee. 

Is Klover a reputable lender?

SourceCustomer rating (out of 5)Number of reviews
Apple App Store4.7162,600
Google Play4.357,300
Collected on February 13, 2024.

Klover’s app earns high ratings in the app stores from thousands of reviews. Reviewers comment on how it is to use but dislike the number of tasks needed to build up to a higher cash advance amount. 

Klover cash advance and budget FAQ

Can you change your Klover advance due date?

Klover does not offer the option to change the due date for the cash advance repayment. The repayment date is based on the user’s payday.

Will Klover’s advance cause an overdraft fee?

Klover designs its system to prevent overdrafts. It examines the user’s bank history to ensure they has sufficient funds before withdrawing for repayment. However, Klover cannot predict all bank charges, so it’s crucial to monitor your account balance.

How do you contact Klover’s customer service?

For any inquiries or issues, you can reach Klover’s customer service through its website or in-app messaging feature. 

Is the Klover app legitimate?

Yes, Klover is a legitimate mobile app. It provides cash advances and budgeting tools. Positive user reviews reinforce its commitment to financial wellness and its standing in the financial services industry.

Does Klover give you money instantly?

Klover approves cash advances instantly, and you can pay a fee to get the funds within a few hours. Without paying the fee, fund availability may vary depending on the bank’s processing times, which can take a few business days.

What happens if you don’t pay Klover back?

If you don’t repay a Klover advance, the app might put your account on hold, preventing access to Klover’s features until you settle the outstanding balance. Nonpayment also risks damaging your financial credibility.

Why won’t Klover let you advance?

Klover could decline a cash advance for several reasons. including inconsistent paychecks or a low bank account balance. If you are experiencing this issue, it’s best to contact Klover’s customer service for a detailed explanation.