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Alene Laney is a personal finance writer specializing in credit cards, mortgages, and consumer financial products. A credit card rewards enthusiast and mother of five, Alene enjoys sharing money-saving and money-making strategies.

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Personal finance writer


  • Credit Cards
  • Mortgages
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  • Bachelor's degree in English and history from the University of Utah

Personal Finance Experience

Alene's passion for personal finance comes from a lifelong obsession with making outside-the-box money choices. From becoming a landlord at age 19 to using credit card rewards to fund bucket-list travel, she draws on her experiences to impart ways to enrich your life without breaking the bank.

As a real estate investor and mortgage writer, Alene's broad knowledge base stems from her time spent as a landlord, buying and selling real estate, working as a transaction coordinator in a real estate office, attending auctions, finding real estate financing alternatives, and learning from various tough situations.

A former educator, Alene understands what truly works for families on tight budgets. With five kids, she knows the importance of being good with the money you have! After some time spent in a career change in accounting, she embraced the personal finance world of online education and today spends her time writing to help individuals and families optimize their money choices.

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