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Dave Cash Advance Review

Our take on Dave cash advance

  • Cash advances up to $500
  • No interest or late fees
  • No credit check required

Dave is a digital banking app that launched in 2017 with the goal of helping Americans avoid overdraft fees. The company’s products include the ExtraCash™ account, a spending account, goal tracking, and side hustle listings. Dave says its products have saved Americans $2.5 billion in overdraft fees since it introduced cash advances in 2017.

The ExtraCash account is Dave’s cash advance account and its flagship feature. It lets users get up to a $500 advance with no interest or late fees, but fees apply if you want express funding. Dave says members have taken over 71 million cash advances since it began offering them.

How a Dave cash advance works

Advance amountsUp to $500
Interest rateN/A
Fees$1 monthly subscription fee; $3 – $25 optional fast funding fee
Repayment timeVaries (often your next payday)
Funding time with a feeInstant (Dave account) or within 1 hour (external bank account)
Funding time without a feeWithin 3 business days

Like many cash advance services, Dave makes borrowing money simple. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign up with Dave. If you aren’t already a member, create your Dave account in the app.
  2. Link your bank account. You must link an external bank account to get a cash advance with Dave.
  3. Open accounts with Dave. Next, open a Dave Spending account and an ExtraCash account.
  4. Request a cash advance. You can request a cash advance for any reason. You can request an advance up to your approved limit, with a maximum advance of $500. You can add a tip when requesting an advance, but this is optional.
  5. Get your cash. Dave can send the cash to your Dave Spending account or an external debit card for free. If you need the money faster, you can pay a fee to have it in your Dave account instantly or your debit card within an hour
  6. Pay it off. You must pay the advance back by the date you agree to when you get the money. Dave doesn’t charge late fees or interest, but you can only take out one advance at a time.

Dave doesn’t charge interest or fees, including late fees. However, it may close your account if you haven’t repaid after 60 days.

Dave’s $500 cash advance limit is higher than many competitors, but its advances average $160. You can get a cash advance without extra fees, but you must pay a $1 subscription fee. And if you want an instant cash advance, the fees you’ll pay can be higher than what competitors charge.

Who’s eligible for a Dave cash advance? 

To borrow money through Dave, you must meet the eligibility requirements for cash advances as well as Dave’s membership requirements.

To use the Dave mobile app and website, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a legal resident of the United States
  • Be of legal age
  • Not prohibited by law from using the mobile app, website, or other services

Dave uses additional factors to determine the cash advance you qualify for through ExtraCash, including:

  • Whether you have at least three recurring deposits
  • Your income history and spending patterns
  • Whether you have total monthly deposits of $1,000 or more to qualify for higher advances
  • Whether you have at least a 60-day history and a positive balance on the bank account you link

Most of these requirements are comparable to similar services that extend cash advances without requiring a credit check. Because no credit check is required, these companies use alternative factors to determine eligibility.

Dave is different because it checks for $1,000 in recurring deposits to determine whether you’re eligible for larger advances. As we mentioned, Dave has a higher upper limit for its advances than competitors, and it uses this metric to determine whether customers qualify for a bigger advance.

How does Dave compare to other cash advance apps?

Here’s how Dave stacks up against four competitors:

AppLoan amountsFastest funding + fee
DaveUp to $500$3 – $25
Brigit$50 – $250Instant / $9.99 per month
Empower$10 – $250Instant / $1 – $7
EarnInUp to $100 per day; $750 per pay periodWithin minutes / $0 – $4.99
MoneyLionUp to $500Within minutes / $0.49 – $8.99

Most competitors have lower maximums for a single advance than Dave, with MoneyLion being the only one that matches Dave’s $500 limit. However, Dave charges the highest potential fast funding fees, depending on the account you want to fund and the size of the advance.

Should you use Dave’s cash advance app? 

Whether you should use Dave’s cash advance app is not a simple “yes” or “no.” Dave doesn’t specify certain uses for its cash advances. Dave’s mission is to help people avoid overdraft fees. You could get a cash advance in any instance where you would otherwise be in danger of an overdraft fee.

Here’s when you may want to use Dave’s ExtraCash feature:

  • When it’s an emergency. Is it a true emergency? If the purchase or expense can’t wait until your next payday, it may be worth considering a cash advance. Otherwise, an alternative might make more sense.
  • You have a steady income. Dave doesn’t charge interest or late fees, and it doesn’t say it reports to credit bureaus. Still, it can close your account if you don’t pay within 60 days.

Alternatives might include setting up a payment plan for the bill or asking friends or family to front you cash. Also, consider whether you can repay the advance in a reasonable time frame. 

How to get a Dave cash advance

Getting a cash advance through Dave only requires a few steps. If you already have an outside bank account and meet the eligibility requirements, you could sign up for the service in just a few minutes.

  1. Sign up for the Dave app and link your bank. Your bank account must meet certain requirements for Dave, such as at least three recurring deposits and being active for 60 days.


If Dave approves your application, it will assign you a cash advance limit of up to $500. However, Dave limits larger advances to qualified borrowers, such as those who receive a large amount in direct deposits every month.

  1. Get funds. After requesting your cash advance, you will receive your money in one to three business days—or in a Dave Spending account instantly for a fee. After you get your cash, Dave will repay the balance using your linked bank account until the account is settled.

You must repay your advance before you can request another. Dave doesn’t allow multiple advances at the same time.

Is Dave a reputable lender?

Reviewing a company’s customer service reviews can give you an idea of what to expect.

SourceCustomer rating (out of 5)Number of reviews
Apple App Store4.8675,000
Google Play Store4.3512,000
Better Business Bureau1.16425
Collected on March 4, 2024.

In the Apple and Google app stores, users like Dave’s ease of use, early access to paychecks, and its helpfulness during emergencies.

Dave fares less well on the Better Business Bureau website. The company has been BBB-accredited since 2019 and has a “B” rating at the time of writing, but the reviews are less favorable. Many customers report unauthorized charges, difficulty with repayment, and slow response times from customer support.

Dave cash advance FAQ

What is Dave cash advance?

Dave Cash Advance is a financial firm that offers short-term loans to help tide you over until your next paycheck. 

Without the need for a traditional credit check, the process is streamlined and straightforward. It provides a flexible option for individuals wrestling with unexpected expenses.

How does a Dave cash advance work?

Users can request a cash advance of up to $100 upon successful signup. Once approved, Dave transfers the requested amount to your account. Repayment is automatic, deducted from your next paycheck or bank deposit, ensuring a hassle-free transaction.

Are fees associated with a Dave cash advance?

Dave Cash Advance operates with transparency. No traditional fees or interests apply, but it operates on a tipping system. Members can leave a tip, which allows it to continue the affordable service for others.

Is Dave cash advance safe?

Dave Cash Advance says user security is a priority. All sensitive data is encrypted, and the company follows stringent compliance regulations to safeguard user information. Whenever making financial decisions, it’s crucial to read the fine print and evaluate the lender’s reputation based on reviews.

How soon can I receive funds from a Dave cash advance?

Depending on your bank and willingness to pay for an instant transfer, Dave Cash Advance can provide funds the day you request them.