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Bob Haegele

Bob Haegele has been a freelance personal finance writer since 2018. In January 2020, he turned this side hustle into a full-time job. He is passionate about helping people master topics such as investing, credit cards, and student loans.

About Bob Haegele

Current Role

Personal finance writer


  • Bachelor's degree in information technology from Marquette University

Personal Finance Experience

Bob began his professional journey as an English major—he was always passionate about writing. But he switched to information technology when the reality of student loans hit him. He attended a private university and knew he had to get practical if he didn't want to be in debt forever.

After pulling himself out of the student debt hole and paying off almost six figures, Bob realized he wanted to teach others how to master their money and returned to his love of writing.

Since then, he has traveled the world as a digital nomad while writing for large personal finance publications. He has written hundreds of articles focusing on topics including credit cards, banking, and investing.

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