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Financial Aid Scholarships

Lion’s Club Scholarships

Updated Apr 05, 2023   |   3-min read

There are many different organizations that dedicate their time and service to giving back to those in their community. While some stand alone and work individually, others are connected to a global network that allows individuals to give back across the nation or even the world. The Lions Club is the latter. The Lions Clubs is a service organization that does volunteering and fundraising efforts to give back to those in their communities who need a bit of extra help. Moreover, they provide an amazing Lions Club Scholarship that allows individuals to attend school without as much of a financial worry. The following outlines more about the Lions Club Scholarship and where you need to go to apply.

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Why You Will Want to Apply?

When you apply for a Lions Club scholarship, you are doing more than just asking for financial assistance for college. You are joining a network of dedicated individuals from around the world who believe that giving is more important than receiving. The Lions Club has an impressive 1.5 million people in their membership and this number only continues to rise. They work through a global membership but have local chapters that help to guide individuals toward opportunities for volunteering in their own communities. There is not one singular Lions Club scholarship but several through each of these individualized chapters, thus the amounts can vary. In some of the larger chapters in the world, full tuition reimbursement may be given.

What are the Steps to Apply?

There are several different steps that will need to take place in order to complete the application for the Lions Club scholarship appropriately. Firstly, an individual must locate a scholarship application. This can be done through a variety of different sources. Most areas with an active Lions Club will provide scholarship applications directly to the local high schools in order that students can go to a convenient location to pick up the application.

Then, the individual must be willing to take the time to fill out the Lions Club Scholarship application in detail, filling out all of the different items in order for full processing. While the application is not extensive or lengthy, it must be completed accurately. This is important because it is less likely that the application will even be reviewed when they are incomplete. High school transcripts and essay portions may be involved as well as proof of leadership in the community. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all of the different criteria and forms are together when filling out an application for a Lions Club scholarship.

Finally, a Lions Clubs Scholarship application must be completed by the deadline. This is important to note and understand because Lions Clubs across the world have different deadlines for submission. All materials must be in by that date or they cannot be considered. Therefore, it is important to understand fully not only what to turn in and when, but where as well as the information by required to be taken to a secondary location or club headquarters. For more information on this scholarship, click here.