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Lions Club Scholarships

When it comes to bringing hands and hearts to communities, Lions Club International is one of the most widely recognized organizations serving our world. 

The nonprofit association has 1.4 million members, with 49,000 club chapters across 200 countries and regions. Its humanitarian activities focus on improving health and well-being, strengthening communities, and supporting those in need.

And the global nonprofit organization doesn’t stop here. Individual chapters also offer Lions Club Scholarships to college-bound high-school seniors. Read on below to find out more about these scholarships, who is eligible, and how you can apply.

What is the Lions Club Scholarship?

Lions Club Scholarships are funded to promote principles of good citizenship, encourage serving in the community, promote an active interest in the welfare of the school community, and encourage high ethical standards.

This scholarship assists high school students in their pursuit of higher education and aids these deserving college hopefuls by reducing their tuition costs.

Not every chapter offers these scholarships, but most participating chapters award them once a year in the fall to graduating seniors. The number of students who can earn a Lions Club Scholarship and the amount awarded depends on the chapter disbursing the award.

Who is eligible for a Lions Club Scholarship?

Each participating chapter determines the unique eligibility criteria a student must meet to apply for a Lions Club Scholarship. You can find the requirements on a chapter’s website. 

Common requirements include:

  • Demonstrated financial need.
  • Outstanding academics and extensive community involvement or service. 
  • Be regional or district-based—meaning you live or attend a high school in or near the funding chapter.
  • Enroll at an in-state university or college. 
  • Leo membership—a junior member of the nonprofit organization—or attendance at a Lions Club meeting. 
  • Have a disability.
  • Aspire to work in certain fields.

When do you apply for the Lions Club Scholarship?

You must complete and submit your application by the chapter’s deadline to be considered for the Lions Club Scholarship, but the deadlines vary by individual chapter.

Many chapters set an application deadline between December and June because the scholarships are intended for students who will attend college in the fall semester following graduation.

Once the club is notified of the awardee’s enrollment in an institution, scholarship funds are available at the beginning of their first college semester.

How to apply for a Lions Club Scholarship

To apply for the Lions Club Scholarship, start by locating a Lions Club in your area using the Lions Club International website. Then, click “Find a Club” from the menu at the top. 

Some chapters provide the application via email, online on their local website, or through the counseling office at high schools. 

Be sure to read through the club’s eligibility criteria before you apply. Requirements may vary, and not all chapters offer the scholarship. 

Once you’ve determined your eligibility, the application process may include several steps: 

  1. Fill out the application with your name, address, contact information, and family income.
  2. Provide your GPA and SAT scores.
  3. List your academic achievements, school and community service activities, and leadership qualities.
  4. Include a copy of your high school transcript.
  5. Submit two letters of recommendation.
  6. Write an essay explaining your desire for the scholarship.

Contact the Lions Club chapter by phone or email for possible tips to increase your chances of earning the scholarship.

How do you pay for college using a Lions Club Scholarship?

If you’re awarded a Lions Club Scholarship, the club might pay the funds to the postsecondary institution where you’re enrolled, so the college or university would receive the funds on your behalf at the beginning of the semester.

One important detail to keep in mind is the awarding Lions Club may split your scholarship funds into two payments

If this is the case, you’ll get half the Lions Club Scholarship during your first semester and the second half during your second semester. However, you may be required to maintain a minimum GPA through the first semester to receive the second portion.

If you can’t find information about the date your funds will become available and how you can use them, call the awarding club or your college counselor or adviser for details.


Is the Lions Club Scholarship legit?

Yes, the Lions Club Scholarship is legitimate. It’s offered by the Lions Club International, an established and universally recognized nonprofit organization. The criteria opportunity is grounded in a commitment to learning and community service, often targeting students who have demonstrated high potential for public-spirited activism.

Is the Lions Club Scholarship a grant?

The Lions Club Scholarship can be classified as a grant. In essence, it is money given to qualified students to fund their educational pursuits. The scholarship does not need to be repaid, making it similar to an educational grant.

Do you have to repay a Lions Club Scholarship?

No, there’s no need to repay a Lions Club Scholarship. It’s a form of financial aid that students don’t have to pay back. Think of it as an investment in your future, designed to make higher education more accessible and less of a financial burden.

Can a Lions Club Scholarship be combined with other scholarships?

Yes, it’s often possible to combine the Lions Club Scholarship with other scholarships. By doing this, you can create a significant reduction in out-of-pocket education costs. However, be sure to check with the financial aid office at your institution or the organization giving the other scholarship to verify it doesn’t have rules against combining funds.

Can a Lions Club Scholarship be combined with student loans?

Yes. The Lions Club Scholarship reduces your tuition cost but doesn’t typically cover all of an average tuition fee. It’s commonplace for students to supplement their financial aid package with a student loan. This enables students to cover tuition, living expenses, and other costs related to their course of study.

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