Do You Have To Pay Back Financial Aid?

Financial aid is one of the most important services that the federal government provides citizens right now, and there are currently millions of Americans who are benefiting from these services. However, one of the key issues facing students once they do fill out their FAFSA forms is; will they have to pay back their financial aid? Answering […]

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LendEDU’s Safest College Towns in the United States

College towns are places of beauty, inspiration, diversity, sport, and home to thousands of students each year. But unfortunately, over the last few years college towns have come under scrutiny when it comes to safety. Whether you are just entering college, just graduating, or are just living in a college town safety is always of […]

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How to Get a Mortgage When You’re Self-Employed

Buying a house is one of the most significant financial decisions you can make in your entire life. Picking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt isn’t something you should take lightly, and it’s not something that banks and lenders blow off, either. Traditionally, getting a mortgage when you’ve got a good job and […]

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Redisclosure Practices and How They Cost Student Loan Debtors Money

Earlier in the year, the government released an online portal where student loan debtors could relay feedback on student loan servicers employed by the government. This effort was made in order to improve the overall student loan servicing system which was renowned for discontinuity, inconsistency, and faultiness. Long story short, this customer feedback alerted

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Hilton HHonors Surpass Card from American Express Review

The Hilton HHonors Surpass Card from American Express is no longer offered. You can find similar cards on our Best American Express Credit Cards page. This day and age, everyone wants a hotel credit card that has something more to offer them than just a line of credit. There are cards out there that offer everything from airline miles to cash

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LendEDU’s Venmo Transaction Study

Pizza, Drinks, Fantasy Football…and Sometimes Strippers I’ll pay for the pizza. Just Venmo me! Venmo, the popular mobile payment application in the United States, is surging in usage. The application processed a whopping $4 billion in person-to-person payments in the second quarter of 2016, up by 141% year over year. At LendEDU, our team uses […]

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Everything to the 50/20/30 Rule For Budgeting

For many people, the word budget is synonymous with cutting back on what you spend, particularly when it comes to frivolous items. But budgeting is about more than controlling your spending. It’s a method of allocating your money in a way that helps you reach your financial goals. Budgeting does not have to be a […]

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Most Affordable Schools for Incoming Freshmen with Financial Need

Using licensed data, LendEDU recognized the 250 U.S. colleges & universities that provide the most financial aid through need-based scholarships and grants to freshman students.

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August Poll Finds Student Debtors Support Clinton & Many Remain Undecided

Summary: Online poll of 1,500 Americans with student loan debt Hillary Clinton wins (43%), Donald Trump wins (23%), Undecided (34%) 43 million Americans holding over $1.3 trillion in student debt Today, college students are leaving campus with more student loan debt than any class in history. The average student debtor now graduates with over $28,000 in student [

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Survey Finds Student Debtors Think Student Debt is Bigger Threat Than ISIS

Summary: ​Online poll of 3,364 college graduates with student loan debt Bernie Sanders wins (36%), Donal Trump second (26%), Hillary Clinton third (13%), Undecided (26%) Student loan debt voted as a bigger threat to the United States than ISIS 43 millions Americans holding $1.3 trillion in student debt The Class of 2016 graduated with more […]

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