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Christy Rakoczy

Christy Rakoczy has been a personal finance and legal writer since 2008. She has a Juris Doctor degree from UCLA School of Law and was a college instructor before she began writing for the web.

About Christy Rakoczy

Current Role

Personal finance writer


  • Student Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Insurance


  • CALI Excellence For The Future Award Winner


  • Bachelor's degree and certificate of business management from the University of Rochester, Juris Doctor from UCLA School of Law

Personal Finance Experience

Christy began her writing career in 2008 producing informational websites for attorneys after working for several years as a college instructor.

She soon transitioned into the field of personal finance, putting her law degree and business certification to use helping people better manage their money. Christy writes about all aspects of financial management, from learning how to budget to managing student loans.

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