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Davis Vision Insurance Review

Key Points:

  • Davis Vision insurance offers managed vision care plans
  • Two plan levels, standard and premium
  • A large network with 91,000 access points
  • Discounts on LASIK surgery and hearing aids

Davis Vision
Editorial Rating

Editorial Rating

What we like:

Large network of providers and retail locations

J.D. Power Overall Satisfaction Ranking803 out of 1,000 point scale*
A.M. Best RatingN/A
Customer ServicePhone support, though they have many complaints about long wait times
Discounts AvailableYes
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Taking care of your vision is crucial, and Davis Vision can help you manage the task. A large managed vision care provider, Davis Vision offers over 91,000 in-network points of access in the U.S. and has over 22 million members across the country. Together with Superior Vision, Davis Vision is an offering from Versant Health, one of the leading managed vision care providers in the U.S.

Aside from the large network of providers, Davis Vision also offers in-network and out-of-network coverage so you can get the eye support that you need. Both individuals and families can benefit from Davis Vision’s plans, which include coverage for eye exams, prescription eyeglasses, and contact lenses. They also offer discounts on LASIK Surgery as well as hearing aids.

Plans for Davis Vision are available through your employer, so premiums and offerings will vary.

In this review:

Davis Vision Insurance: At a glance

Davis Vision Insurance
J.D. Power Score803 out of 1,000
A.M. Best RatingA-
Discounts AvailableLASIK surgery discounts
Hearing aid discounts
Discounts available on premium items
PremiumsStarting at $6.31 per month

Davis Vision covers a wide range of vision care services. Some of Davis Vision’s offerings include:

  • Annual eye exams
  • Frames and lenses
  • Contact lenses and fittings

Davis Vision also offers different plan levels, which will affect the benefits you receive. For example, an eye exam will cost you $10 if you’re on the standard vision plan, but it will be free if you’re on the premium vision plan. As plans are offered through employers, the premiums and services will vary.

Costs will also vary based on whether you choose an in-network or out-of-network provider. For example, you are provided one new pair of frames every other calendar year with no co-payment if you go in-network. Out of network, you’ll only be reimbursed up to $50 for the frames. In this situation and others, an in-network provider will be the most cost-effective.

If you choose to go to an out-of-network provider, you’ll pay the provider directly and can then request reimbursement from Davis Vision.

You typically won’t be eligible to receive both eyeglasses and contact lenses under your Davis Vision insurance policy. However, they do offer discounts on products after your allowance has been used up.

Davis Vision also offers discounts on products and procedures such as:

  • LASIK surgery
  • Hearing aids from Your Hearing Network
  • Low vision evaluation (every five years)
  • Ultraviolet coating, anti-reflective coating, progressive addition lenses, hi-index lenses, plastic photosensitive lenses, and scratch protection

Pros and cons of Davis Vision Insurance

Davis Vision benefits:

  • Depending on your employer’s offerings, you may have multiple plan levels (standard and premium), so you can choose the coverage level that’s right for you.
  • Large network: Over 91,000 points of access within the U.S. and out-of-network coverage options.
  • Discounts: Depending on your employer’s offering, you may qualify for discounts on both LASIK surgery and hearing aids.
  • Eyeglasses come with a one year warranty. If they break during that year and you bought them in-network from one of the Davis Vision labs, you can return them to where you purchased them.

Davis Vision drawbacks:

  • Coverage is only available through an employer.
  • If you choose to go out of network, your reimbursement levels are low.
  • Poor customer service: The biggest complaints online about Davis Vision from both customers and providers revolve around customer service and long wait times on hold to resolve issues.
  • Some coverage limits are low, even in-network. For example, specialty contact lenses only come with a $60 allowance.

Davis Vision eligibility & application requirements

Davis Vision is only offered through an employer, so, unfortunately, you will not be able to sign up for eye care coverage on your own. If your employer offers Davis Vision, you’ll want to check to see how to apply during your open enrollment period.

Where to find Davis Vision Insurance alternatives

Just because Davis Vision is one of the nation’s leading insurance providers doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best for you. If you’re still not sure if Davis Vision is the right choice, check out our guide to the best vision insurance policies.