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Superior Vision Insurance Review

Key Points:

  • Managed vision care plans offered through an employer
  • In-network and out of network offerings
  • Different plan levels and coverage
  • Discounts for LASIK surgery, hearing aids, and non-covered exams and materials

Super Vision
Editorial Rating

Editorial Rating

What we like:

Large network of providers as well as the option to go out of network

J.D. Power Overall Satisfaction Ranking803 out of 1,000 point scale*
A.M. Best RatingN/A
Customer ServiceEmail and phone customer service available
Discounts AvailableYes
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Eye care is an often-overlooked part of your physical health. “More pressing” matters, like physicals and dental checkups, usually take precedence when it comes to our time and money. However, A vision plan can help make preventative check-ups with optometrists and items like eyeglasses and contact lenses a little easier and more affordable.

Superior Vision is one of the nation’s largest vision insurance providers, with over 108,000 points of access in the US. The company offers in-network and out-of-network coverage options to help support and encourage preventative eye care. Superior Vision benefits include eye examinations, prescription eyewear, and contact lenses as well as discounts on LASIK surgery and hearing aids.

Superior Vision Plans are offered through an employer, so offerings, discounts, and premiums will vary. Plans are available for single people as well as families.

In this review:

Superior Vision Insurance: At a glance

Superior Vision Insurance
J.D. Power Score803 out of 1,000 points*
A.M Best RatingNot provided
Discounts AvailableLASIK surgery discounts
Hearing aid discounts
Discounts available on non-covered exams and materials
PremiumsDepend on the employer, but some are as low as $5.88 per month

*The J.D. Power Retail Satisfaction Index Ranking is for Versant Health, a company that includes both Superior Vision and Davis Vision.

Superior Vision offers access to a wide range of services to help support your eye health. Through the Superior Vision network, you’ll have access to the preventative and corrective care that you need.

Depending on your employer, you may have different levels of care to choose from, such as a basic or an enhanced plan. Different plan levels may come with different copays, monthly premiums, exam and service frequency, and benefits covered. For example, a basic plan may only cover one pair of lenses every two years where a more premium plan may cover a pair of lenses each year.

Superior Vision plans offer eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses from both in-network and out of network providers.

Some of Superior Visions’ offerings include:

  • Annual routine eye exams
  • Frames and lenses
  • Contact lenses and fittings

They also offer discounts including:

  • LASIK correction discount
  • Hearing aid discounts from Your Hearing Network
  • 20% discounts on covered materials (over your annual allowance)
  • 10-30% discounts on non-covered exams and materials
  • Out of pocket maximums on a scratch coat, ultraviolet coat, tints, solids or gradients, anti-reflective coat, Polycarbonate, high index 1.6, photochromic

Note that discounts are only available at participating eye care providers, so you’ll need to check before making any purchases.

Pros and cons of Superior Vision Insurance

Superior Vision benefits

  • Multiple plan levels (basic and enhanced), depending on employer offerings
  • A network of over 108,000 points of access as well as out of network coverage options
  • Many discounts are available, including discounts for LASIK surgery and hearing aids.

Superior Vision downsides

  • Coverage only available through an employer
  • Out of network coverage is limited: While you can see an out-of-network provider, your coverage limits will be lower.
  • Coverage limits are relatively low, even for some of the in-network items and procedures (such as $125 for new frames).

How to get a Superior Vision plan: Eligibility & application requirements

Superior Vision is only offered through an employer, so if you’re hoping to sign up on your own, you’re out of luck. If your employer does offer a Superior Vision plan, you’ll want to check the details of how to sign up during your employer’s open enrollment period.

Where to find Superior Vision Insurance alternatives

Just because Superior Vision is one of the leading insurance providers doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best for you. If you’re still not sure if Superior Vision is right for you, check out our guide to the best vision insurance policies.