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Best Class A Motorhome Insurance

Class A motorhomes are the cream of the crop. They’re the largest, most well-equipped models, and they’re most often used by regular travelers or full-time RV residents.

If you’ve purchased a Class A motorhome, then securing adequate insurance is vital to protecting your investment and your peace of mind. Not sure where to start? Use this guide to choose the best recreational vehicle insurance.

In this guide:

Compare Class A motorhome insurance options

Shopping around for your Class A insurance is important if you want the best coverage at the best rate.

Here are our top three picks for Class A motorhome insurance. Use the below reviews to begin comparing your options.

Good Sam

  • Full Replacement Coverage? Yes
  • Personal Belongings Coverage: Up to $3,000
  • Storage Discount: Up to 53% off your premium

Good Sam is an insurance agency that offers coverage for a variety of motorhomes, RVs, and campers, as well as passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and residential properties. The company even offers Mexico and full-timer coverage.

Here’s a quick look at its Class A motorhome insurance offerings:

  • Coverage options: Personal belongings, full replacement cost, permanent attachments, emergency expenses, full-timer, Mexico
  • Eligibility requirements: Short or long coach-style Class A motorhomes 25 to 45 feet in length; the driver must have a valid driver’s license, Social Security number, and be 18 years or older
  • Discounts available: Multipolicy, military service, RV safety course, paperless billing, paid-in-full premiums, in-storage
  • Key features: 24-hour claims reporting, theft reward, no deprecation factor in repairs, discounts for in-storage periods

National General

  • Full Replacement Coverage? Yes
  • Personal Belongings Coverage: Up to $3,000
  • Storage Discount? Yes

National General offers RV, auto, motorcycle, and homeowners insurance policies. The company has a number of coverage options and valuable discounts.

Here’s a quick look at National General’s Class A motorhome insurance offerings:

  • Coverage options: Specialized equipment, full replacement, mechanical breakdown, permanent attachments, full-timer, emergency lodging, general liability
  • Eligibility requirements: Class A motorhomes between 38 and 45 feet in length; the driver must have a valid driver’s license
  • Discounts available: Multipolicylow mileage, in-storage, paid-in-full premiums, paperless billing, safe driver
  • Key features: 24-hour claims reporting, no deprecation factor in repairs, theft reward, search assistance if your RV is totaled, rental car pickup and drop-off, discounts for in-storage periods


  • Replacement Cost Coverage? Yes
  • Personal Belongings Coverage? Yes
  • Storage Discount? No

Progressive is a well-known insurance provider that offers home, property, car, and RV insurance coverage. The company offers a significant number of discounts, including discounts for having continuous insurance, claim-free periods, and on-time payments.

Here’s a quick look at Progressive’s Class A motorhome insurance offerings:

  • Coverage options: Windshield/glass, emergency expenses, vacation liability, roadside assistance, total loss replacement, personal belongings, full-timer, pet injury, roof protection
  • Eligibility requirements: Class A motorhomes between 21 and 40 feet in length; the driver must have a valid driver’s license, Social Security number, and be at least 18 years old
  • Discounts available: Multipolicy, early quote, original owner, paid-in-full premiums, responsible driver, on-time payments, claim-free periods, continuous insurance, paperless billing, responsible driver
  • Key features: 24-hour and app-based claims reporting, large network of repair shops, small and large accident forgiveness, disappearing deductibles, 24-7 customer service

Why it’s important to compare Class A motorhome insurance quotes

RV insurance policy costs (and the costs of all insurance policies, for that matter) vary by insurer, vehicle, and driver. For these reasons, you’ll need to compare motorhome insurance options thoroughly if you want the best deal and coverage.

Be sure to get quotes from at least three different insurance companies, and compare each option on price, coverage, discounts, and more. You should also take into account customer reviews and ratings to make sure you’re getting great service.

How much motorhome insurance coverage do you need?

The most important thing to consider with an insurance policy is that it meets the minimum insurance requirements for your state. You can usually find this information through your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

You’ll usually need some combination of the following:

  • Liability coverage, which covers for repairs on other vehicles and medical payments if you’re at fault in an accident
  • Collision coverage, which repairs or replaces your vehicle if you’re in a wreck
  • Comprehensive coverage, which covers things like theft, flood damage, and other non-accident-related losses

You’ll want to meet your state minimums, as well as ensure you have enough coverage to alleviate any financial burden you might face if your RV is damaged or totaled.

As you can see from the reviews above, many insurance companies offer additional coverages that go above and beyond the basics—especially when it comes to RV insurance. You can add on features like roadside assistance, personal belongings coverage, and coverage for things like emergency expenses and permanent attachments. The need for these coverages will depend on how you use your motorhome and how often you drive it.

What affects motorhome insurance costs?

Your Class A insurance rate will depend on a number of factors, many related to your vehicle and your history as a motorist.

Here are just a few of the things you can expect to influence your premium:

  • Your RV’s make, model, and age
  • Your RV’s mileage and expected mileage during the policy period
  • Your intended use of the motorhome
  • Any previous damage to the vehicle
  • Your driving record and history of past accidents and claims
  • Your age and location
  • Your credit score and history
  • Whether you’re a full-time RV resident or just an occasional one

The discounts for which you’re eligible will also impact your rate (keep in mind, discounts vary by insurer). You might enjoy lower rates by bundling your car and RV policies, paying your annual premium in full, choosing paperless billing, and more.

Find the best Class A motorhome insurance

These are just a few of your Class A motorhome insurance options. For more, check out our reviews of the best RV insurance companies. If you’re a full-time RV resident, our full-time RV insurance guide can help.