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Amanda Hankel

Amanda Hankel is a managing editor at LendEDU. She has more than seven years of experience covering various finance-related topics and has worked for more than 15 years overall in writing, editing, and publishing.

About Amanda Hankel

Current Role

Managing editor, LendEDU


  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Digital Publishing


  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin

Personal Finance Experience

Amanda pursued a journalism degree because she loved to ask questions. Learning about a subject she had previously known nothing about and then bringing that story to life in a useful and interesting piece of content was her dream.

And she has spent the last 15 years of her career doing just that.

She began her editing career as a trade magazine editor covering various specific and technical topics—from manufacturing to surgery—before moving into SEO and book publishing, where she gained firm experience covering finance-related topics such as real estate investing, insurance, and retirement planning.

Amanda joined LendEDU in 2023 to continue the pursuit of her passion—taking often difficult-to-grasp concepts and figuring out how to best present them in a useful and understandable way to the people who need that information most.

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