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Lear Capital Gold Review

Founded in 1997, Lear Capital specializes in precious metals. Its mission is to diversify investment portfolios, focusing on gold and silver. Lear Capital is ideal for those seeking market stability.

Lear Capital caters to investors aiming to integrate tangible assets into their financial planning. It’s especially fitting for investors using precious metals to hedge against market fluctuations.

Read on to read our full review of Lear Capital Gold’s gold individual retirement account (IRA) and precious metals inventory.

Our take on Lear Capital Gold’s gold IRA

  • Best for investment support
  • LendEDU rating: 4.7 out of 5

How do you open a Lear Capital Gold IRA?

Opening a Gold IRA with Lear Capital is designed to assist investors in making informed decisions. Here’s a breakdown of the steps:

  1. Initial inquiry: Visit Lear Capital’s website and fill out the form to express interest in a Gold IRA.
  2. Consultation: A representative from Lear Capital contacts you to discuss your investment goals and options.
  3. Application process: Complete a 10-minute application form, and Lear Capital sets up the IRA within 24 hours of receiving the application.
  4. Fund the account: Direct contributions, IRA rollovers, or transfers from other retirement accounts are options for funding. Lear Capital assists in contacting the current custodian for rollovers, which can take up to five business days.
  5. Select metals: Choose from various IRA-eligible metals, including gold and silver. You can purchase metals through Lear Capital or other sources, but they must meet IRS standards.
  6. Finalize the IRA: Review and finalize your metal selections. Lear Capital facilitates the purchase and storage of the metals in an IRS-approved depository.

Each step requires decisions about investment size, types of metals, and funding sources. Lear Capital guides you through these choices to help keep you informed at every stage.

How much does a Lear Capital Gold IRA cost?

Lear Capital’s Gold IRA costs are structured to accommodate various investment levels. The cost to set up and maintain an IRA is $280 for the first year, which then becomes $200 annually. These fees encompass account setup, maintenance, storage, and access to financial statements and online tools.

Lear’s fee structure is appealing because it’s based on your investment amount.  For investments ranging from $25,000 to $50,000, the first year’s fees are covered, with subsequent tiers offering even more fee waivers. 

This approach makes it cost-effective for larger investments and transparent in terms of what investors pay for at each level. The fee waivers for higher investment amounts can reduce the overall cost for investors.

$280 (first year)

$200 (annually thereafter)
Set up and maintenance fee. Includes storage and account management.
$0 for $25,000 – $50,000 (first year)Fees waived as a reimbursement after the first month in storage.
$0 for $50,000 – $75,000 (first and second year)First two years’ fees waived.
$0 for $75,000+ (first, second, third year)Fees waived for the first three years.
$0 for investments over $10,000$50 setup fee covered.

Our take on Lear Capital Gold’s precious metals inventory

  • Best for investment support
  • 4.7 out of 5

How do you purchase metals through Lear Capital Gold?

Purchasing metals through Lear Capital is designed for personalized service and security. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. View the inventory: You can’t view Lear Capital’s inventory online. Interested buyers must contact Lear Capital to discuss available options.
  2. Consultation: During the call, Lear Capital representatives provide details on the types of metals available, including gold, silver, platinum coins, and bars. They also offer guidance on the best options based on your investment goals.
  3. Payment options: You’ll discuss specific payment methods during the consultation. Lear Capital ensures secure and convenient payment processes tailored to individual transactions.
  4. Finalize the purchase: Once you’ve made the selection and arranged payment, Lear Capital confirms the purchase. It provides the details of the transaction, including the total cost and any fees.
  5. Delivery of metals: Lear Capital ships the metals securely, discreetly, and insured to ensure the safe arrival of your investment.
  6. Storage solutions: Lear Capital doesn’t disclose storage options for purchased metals, but we recommend storing them in a secure location, such as a safe-deposit box or a home safe. For large investments, consider professional storage facilities specializing in precious metals.

How much does it cost to purchase metals through Lear Capital Gold?

When purchasing metals through Lear Capital, the costs are centered around the price of the metals and any associated shipping or insurance fees. However, Lear Capital doesn’t disclose the costs on its website but provides this information during the consultation.

The costs can vary based on factors such as the type and quantity of metal purchased, current market prices, and any special promotions or deals Lear Capital offers at the time of purchase. Shipping is secure, insured, and discreet. Lear Capital determines the exact charges for these services for each transaction. 

Pros and cons of Lear Capital Gold


  • 24-hour risk-free purchase guarantee

    Lear Capital offers a unique opportunity to reconsider IRA investments within 24 hours without incurring cancellation fees.

  • Diverse precious metals inventory

    The company provides a wide selection of gold, silver, and platinum products suitable for IRAs and direct purchases.

  • Fee waivers for large investments

    Investors making substantial contributions to gold IRAs benefit from attractive fee waivers based on the investment amount.

  • Secure, insured shipping

    Metals are delivered with the assurance of security and insurance.

  • 24/7 account access

    Lear Capital provides around-the-clock online access to track and manage IRA accounts.


  • Lack of online transparency

    Detailed information on costs and inventory is not available online, so you must consult with the company.

  • No online setup for IRAs

    Setting up an IRA with Lear Capital requires a phone consultation.

  • Limited storage information

    Information about storage options for direct metal purchases is sparse.

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Is Lear Capital Gold a reputable company?

Considering customer reviews before choosing a financial product is crucial. These reviews provide insights into real customer experiences, highlighting a company’s strengths and areas for improvement. They also offer an unbiased view of the company’s performance and customer service standards.

SourceCustomer ratingNumber of reviews
Trustpilot4.8 out of 51,820
Google4.8 out of 5342
Better Business Bureau2.13 out of 524

Collected on November 30, 2023

Lear Capital’s reputation is reflected in the mixed ratings it has earned across various platforms. On Trustpilot and Google, the company boasts high ratings, with customers praising its ease of working and knowledgeable customer service. These platforms are known for their wide user base and are considered reliable customer satisfaction indicators.

However, Lear Capital’s rating is much lower on Better Business Bureau (BBB). This disparity suggests customers have faced issues concerning transparency and hidden fees. The BBB is a well-respected organization that evaluates businesses based on their honesty and integrity, making its ratings a crucial consideration.

Lear Capital is not BBB-accredited, but its high ratings on other platforms indicate a positive customer experience. Common review themes include the friendliness of customer service representatives and the overall ease of the investment process. Negative reviews often mention concerns over pricing transparency and fees.

The contrasting reviews across platforms underscore the importance of thorough research when considering Lear Capital for precious metal investments. We recommend weighing these reviews alongside other factors, such as product offerings, fees, and personal investment goals.

Does Lear Capital Gold have a customer service team?

Lear Capital’s customer service team is primarily at its corporate office in Los Angeles, California, and handles a wide range of client needs. The team assists with inquiries about precious metal investments, helps navigate the IRA setup process, and provides information on pricing and purchasing options. 

Ways to contact Lear Capital include:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 800-576-9355 (general inquiries), 800-855-5327 (customer support)
  • Mailing address: Lear Capital Inc., 1990 S. Bundy Dr. Suite 650, Los Angeles, CA, 90025
  • Chat box: Available on Lear Capital’s website for instant assistance

Lear Capital Gold FAQ

Does Lear Capital offer storage options for your metals?

Lear Capital provides storage solutions for metals held in an IRA. All IRA metals are stored in the Delaware Depository, an IRS-approved vault. This facility is backed by a comprehensive insurance policy underwritten by London Underwriters. 

The cost includes $280 for the first year and $200 annually thereafter, covering storage, financial statements, online access, and more. 

For metals purchased directly, Lear Capital does not disclose storage options. Consider secure alternatives, such as safe-deposit boxes or private vault services.

How can you liquidate your metals?

Lear Capital offers straightforward options for liquidating metals in or outside of an IRA:

  • For IRA metals: Inform the team if you prefer physical metals or cash. For physical delivery, metals are securely shipped from the Delaware Depository. For cash, Lear assists in converting metals to cash, wiring funds to your bank account or sending a check, usually within one business day.
  • For direct purchases: The process might require a consultation with Lear’s team to facilitate the sale and conversion into cash, following similar secure and efficient procedures.

How can you track the value of your metals?

Lear Capital offers several tools to track the value of your metals:

  • For IRA investors: It provides quarterly statements and 24/7 online access to your account, allowing you to monitor the performance and value of your metals.
  • For direct purchasers: Lear Capital doesn’t disclose specific tracking tools, but investors can use general market resources or consult with Lear Capital for updates on current metal values.

How we rated Lear Capital Gold

We designed LendEDU’s editorial rating system to help consumers identify companies that offer the best financial products. Our experts spend hours researching these companies each year to ensure our ratings are fresh and accurate.

Our most recent evaluation compared Lear Capital Gold to several gold companies across a number of factors, including types of metals, costs, company history, and customer experience. We weighted, scored, and combined these factors to produce a final editorial rating. This rating is expressed on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest possible score. We round all ratings to the nearest tenth decimal place.

ProductBest forOur rating
Gold DealerBest for investment support4.7 out of 5Find out more