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EyeMed Vision Insurance Review

Key Points:

  • Available without an employer
  • Three levels of coverage
  • Plans start at $5 per month

Eye Med
Editorial Rating

Editorial Rating

What we like:

Multiple plans available without an employer

J.D. Power Overall Satisfaction Ranking4/5
A.M. Best RatingA
Customer ServiceSocial media, call, email
Discounts AvailableYes
See how EyeMed stacks up against top rated vision insurance

Standard medical insurance plans usually don’t cover eye care, but taking care of your vision is important. Making sure your eyes are healthy and that you have the eyeglasses or contact lenses you need to see the world around you is a basic part of caring for yourself.

EyeMed is one vision insurance company that offers coverage to Americans. As one of the nation’s largest insurance providers, EyeMed Vision Care offers a vast network of providers and valuable benefits. This review will cover all of the pros and cons of choosing EyeMed for your vision insurance.

EyeMed Vision Insurance: At a glance

EyeMed Vision Insurance
J.D. Power Score4 out of 5
A.M. Best RatingA
Discounts AvailablePartner groups (AARP, BLUEPERKS, etc.)
PremiumsStarting as low as $5 per month

One of the next benefits of EyeMed Vision Care is that you don’t have to get the plan through your employer. You can sign up as an individual at any time in 48 states. If you leave your employer’s plan, you can buy your own coverage to keep seeing the same doctors and getting the same perks.

You can find more than 44,000 providers on EyeMed Vision Care’s website. If you work with an in-network provider, you get discounts on extra pairs of glasses and non-prescription sunglasses. You can also use your in-network benefits at online retail providers like ContactsDirect,, LensCrafters, Target Optical, and Ray-Ban.

EyeMed members also get access to EyeMed Perks. This service offers additional benefits to policyholders. For example, if you break your glasses while traveling, EyeMed can help you get a new pair while you’re abroad.

Beyond eyewear, you’ll also get benefits for maintaining your hearing, including discounts of up to 60% on hearing aids and free hearing aid batteries.

What does EyeMed insurance cover?

EyeMed Vision Insurance offers three different coverage plans with premiums ranging from $5 to $30 per month.

Like most vision insurance plans, EyeMed offers basic coverage for annual eye exams, covering the cost of an exam after you cover a copay. The basic plan benefits provide automatic discounts on frames, lenses (including single vision, bifocals, and trifocals), lens treatments, and contacts.

More expensive plans offer an allowance for purchasing frames and contacts and cover glasses frames after you pay a copay.

Does EyeMed offer LASIK coverage?

EyeMed doesn’t offer full coverage for LASIK procedures but does help cover some of the costs. Members can get 15% off standard LASIK prices or 5% off promotional prices.

The coverage will pay for the cost of a LASIK exam to see if you’re a good candidate for the procedure and lifetime enhancements to most LASIK procedures.

Pros and cons of EyeMed vision care

EyeMed benefits

  • Get coverage without your employer
  • Different tiers of coverage with different monthly costs
  • Large provider network
  • Hearing benefits

EyeMed downsides

  • Only available in 48 states
  • Does not cover glasses and contact lenses at 100%
  • Does not fully cover LASIK

How to get an EyeMed Vision plan: Eligibility & application requirements

EyeMed does not list any specific eligibility requirements, but like most insurance you’ll need to prove that your eyes are healthy enough to insure. You’ll also need to live in one of the 48 states where EyeMed currently offers plans.

EyeMed offers insurance both through employers and directly to individuals so you don’t have to work for a certain company to be eligible for a plan.

How to apply

To get started with your application, you can visit EyeMed’s website and enter your ZIP code. You’ll need to provide some basic information, like your name, age, and when you want your plan to start. Once you enter that info, you can get an immediate quote from EyeMed.

If you like the quote, you can continue with the process of getting insurance, which may include some additional steps, such as providing medical records.

How to find EyeMed providers

The best way to find one of EyeMed’s 44,000+ providers is to search for one on EyeMed’s website. Among those providers, you’ll find optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians.

Enter your ZIP Code in EyeMed’s provider locator or let it use your location to automatically populate a list of the closest eye doctors and care providers. You can filter providers based on the language they speak, brands they offer, or specific services available.

Where to find EyeMed Vision Insurance alternatives

EyeMed Vision is just one of many eye insurance companies. There are a lot of alternatives, and EyeMed might not be the best choice for you. If you’re looking for vision insurance and don’t know if EyeMed is for you, check out our guide to the best vision insurance policies.