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Avibra Life Insurance Review

Editorial Rating

Editorial Rating

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Medical Exam RequiredNo
Monthly FeeAs low as $0
A.M. Best RatingA-
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The loss of a loved one is devastating from an emotional perspective but can also be detrimental to one’s financial situation if you aren’t well-prepared. Life insurance is designed to fill the financial gap caused by someone’s death. Proceeds from a life insurance policy may be used to replace a loved one’s income, cover final expenses like a funeral or burial, and pay off outstanding debts. Many people, though, have little to no life insurance coverage.

In a stark shift from the traditional life insurance industry, Avibra was designed to help individuals earn life insurance benefits by leading a healthy lifestyle with no medical exams or monthly premiums. Curious about how it works? This Avibra life insurance review details everything you need to know about getting coverage.

In this review:

Avibra Life Insurance Summary

Avibra Life Insurance is a relatively new company that launched early in 2019 as a technology-focused lifestyle platform that allows users to get free life insurance when they sign up for its mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices. Avibra offers only term life insurance in small amounts — what it calls “micro insurance” — but the amount of insurance coverage can grow daily based on the user’s healthy habits.

Avibra links to other mobile apps and analyzes their data to create a big-picture view of the user’s habits, both good and bad, using the information to reward users with additional coverage with no purchase required. Avibra members can also access guided meditation and personal quiz features to further improve their wellness habits.

The founders of Avibra have worked in the life insurance and financial services industries for several years and used their expertise to develop a life insurance solution with the power of artificial intelligence. Avibra is one of the few free life insurance options for individuals currently on the market.

How Much Does Avibra Cost?

Avibra is a free membership-based mobile app that offers its members free term life insurance coverage upon signing up.

The company also offers a paid membership tier for $3.99 per month, which adds more features to the app’s functionality. There is no additional life insurance coverage included in the paid membership, but access to financial and health coaches as well as goal planning and lifestyle management tools are added in.

What Does Avibra Cover?

Avibra Life Insurance offers coverage in micro amounts. App members do not currently have the option to purchase additional coverage. The policies earned through Avibra are term policies, but the specific length of coverage depends on your age at the time of signup.

Your total coverage grows each day based on your healthy habits and activities, and it cannot decrease based on any “bad” lifestyle or financial choices you may make. There is currently no maximum coverage amount a user can earn in life insurance benefits.

What’s Required to Get Insured by Avibra?

Unlike other life insurance policies, including traditional whole life and universal or variable life, Avibra does not require a medical exam for you to get coverage. You simply sign up for the mobile app, provide details about your age, health, and financial habits, and connect Avibra to other mobile applications as you see fit. Linking is not required, although doing so helps the AI-powered technology — affectionately called “Arya” — to increase your coverage over time.

Unfortunately, the app is currently restricted to members between the ages of 18 and 38 years old.

Where Is Avibra Available?

Avibra is only available in the United States. So long as you have a mobile device and the desire to get a free life insurance policy, Avibra is an option for you.

Avibra Customer Service

The insurance company is not yet rated on any customer review site. However, Avibra is partnered with several insurance companies that A.M. Best currently rates as A- or above. There are a handful of positive customer reviews on the company’s website, too.

As of the publication date, Avibra only provides an email address where current and potential members can get in touch: [email protected]. There is no member phone number nor a live chat option currently available.

Bottom Line

Avibra Life Insurance may be a smart choice for young people in the U.S. who want a free life insurance policy.

The technology platform is a unique way to earn rewards — in the form of additional term life insurance coverage — for living a healthy life, both financially and physically. The app may also be a good choice for single individuals who need minimal term life insurance coverage.

However, for individuals looking for more comprehensive coverage or options for other types of policies, Avibra may not be the best fit. If you do want more coverage, check out our Best Life Insurance Guide to see some of our top picks.