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Stephanie Bolling Sasseen is a writer based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her work has appeared in various publications and websites including the Tampa Bay Times and The Penny Hoarder. She graduated with a BA in Journalism from the University of South Florida. Now, she writes about personal finance, travel, music and performing arts. Find her at the world’s largest shuffleboard club or connect with her on Twitter.

Articles by Stephanie Sasseen:

Progressive RV Insurance Review

Progressive RV insurance covers a range of recreational vehicles and offers several discounts to keep its rates competitive. Receive and customize an online quote in less than 10 minutes.

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Good Sam RV Insurance Review

Good Sam specializes in RV coverage, and its policies support RV enthusiasts from weekenders to full-timers. Money-saving features, like its storage option and full replacement coverage, come standard in every policy.

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Deck Financing: How to Pay for Your New Deck or Patio

Borrowers have several affordable options when it comes to financing a deck including a home equity loan or line of credit, a personal loan, or a builder loan.

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Average Cost of RV Insurance

Individual factors like residence, RV specs and age, and utilization affect the cost of RV insurance. Policy selections and eligible discounts can reduce annual premiums.

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Healthy Paws vs. Trupanion Comparison

Healthy Paws and Trupanion each offer accident and illness coverage for pets. Find out which is better for your needs.

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Pet Wellness Plans vs. Pet Insurance

Both pet insurance and pet wellness plans safeguard your pet’s health and can reduce veterinary expenses. Pet insurance premiums cost more, but they cover a wider variety of medical expenses.

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What to Do When You Run Out of Financial Aid

Federal financial aid has limits, so it’s not uncommon for it to run out. Students in need of immediate funding have a number of alternatives including scholarships, payment plans, employment, and private student loans.

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Does Refinancing an Auto Loan Hurt Your Credit?

Refinancing an auto loan can save you money and reduce expenses, but it can also drop your credit score. Shopping for the best rates and getting pre-approved are ways to safeguard your credit.

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Personal Loans in Florida

Personal loans are flexible, have a quick turnaround, and offer lower interest rates than credit cards.

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GreenSky Home Improvement Loans Review

The GreenSky home improvement loan acts as a line of credit, and borrowers can use as much or as little as they need. It’s easy to apply for a GreenSky loan, but only consumers with a high credit score typically get approved.

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