Many or all companies we feature compensate us. Compensation and editorial
research influence how products appear on a page.

How We Make Money

LendEDU is a for-profit company. We partner with financial services companies to help us keep the lights on at no cost to you. LendEDU is a free service for consumers. In fact, everything we do at LendEDU is free for consumers including:

1) Our comparison tools

2) Our calculators and tools

3) All of our content including reports, reviews, and guides

So, how does LendEDU make money? LendEDU is compensated by some of the financial services companies seen on our website. Most often, LendEDU receives a fee when one of our readers clicks to, applies for, or receives a financial product from a LendEDU partner. This compensation may impact where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear in a comparison table).

To be clear, partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews or ratings. LendEDU has not written about, reviewed, or rated all financial products available to consumers. Here is a list of our advertiser partners. We regularly turn down promotional offers from new partners. We work to put you first. We only work with companies that put you first too.

We do not publish favorable (or unfavorable) reviews or assessments at the direction of an advertiser. We encourage you to read more about our Editorial Integrity and process.

If you have any questions about a company or partner mentioned on our website please let us know. You can email [email protected] with the Subject: How We Make Money. If you are a prospective partner, and you want to learn more about working with LendEDU click here.