Many or all companies we feature compensate us. Compensation and editorial
research influence how products appear on a page.

LendEDU Editorial Integrity

We are a small but dedicated team of finance enthusiasts. At LendEDU, all of our full-time employees have interacted with our blog in one way or another.

At LendEDU we have over 2,000 articles published on our blog. We publish different types of content including informational guides, research reports, and reviews of different products and companies.

Today, all of the content published on our website is vetted by the author and members of our editorial team. Some of the content published is written by our in-house editorial staff. We do work with independent contractors to produce content for our website.

We do not publish favorable (or unfavorable) reviews or assessments at the direction of an advertiser. Instead, our editorial staff and independent contractors are tasked with providing accurate and in-depth analysis.

We started LendEDU to help consumers compare student loan products side by side. Today, we are working to create a marketplace setting for the personal finance industry as a whole. We are working to make finance more effective through:

1) Price shopping (ex. Our comparison tools)

2) Data-driven content

3) Editorial insights

If at anytime you believe that a piece of content on our website is confusing or non-objective please let us know by emailing support(at)

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