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Insurance ProductsRV, auto, and home
RV Classes CoveredA, B, C, Airstreams, travel trailers, fifth-wheel, and campers
Customer ServicePhone
Parent CompanyNational General
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Shopping around is critical if you want the best rate on your RV insurance. But getting quotes from several carriers? That can be difficult and time-consuming. can help streamline this rate-shopping process, allowing RV owners to get quotes from several RV insurance companies simultaneously.

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Backed by National General, is a comparison-shopping marketplace that offers quotes from various RV, home, and car insurance carriers.

Consumers can input their ZIP codes and the types of insurance for which they’re looking, and get instant quotes from a number of insurers. These insurers include Nationwide, Safeco, National General, and Foremost.

When it comes to RV insurance policies, you can use the site to shop coverage for Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes, Airstreams, campers, and fifth wheel and travel trailers.

There are a number of coverages available, including options for personal effects, vacation liability, and emergency expenses. There are also reduced coverages available for when your recreational vehicle is in storage.

Pros and cons of can make the rate-shopping process easier, but it’s not without faults. Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of using the marketplace:


  • It allows you to get multiple rate quotes simultaneously with just one form.

  • Getting several rate quotes can help you save money.

  • You can get personalized policy-shopping help from licensed RV insurance sales professionals.

  • You can also get quotes for car and home insurance.


  • is not an insurance provider, so negotiating terms and coverages isn’t possible.

  • A limited number of carriers is included. You may be able to get lower quotes elsewhere.

  • It is not available for RVers in every state. Those in Massachusetts, Alaska, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia are ineligible.

Eligibility requirements for

To apply for quotes on, you’ll need to know your RV’s class, make, model, age, and gas type. You will also need to know if the vehicle is outfitted with an anti-theft device.

Drivers will also need a valid license and be located in a participating state (MA, AL, HI, and DC are excluded).

How to get a quote through

With, you can get a quote either online or via the phone. If you want personalized help and guidance, you can call 866-646-1755 and speak to an RV insurance sales professional who can walk you through the process.

If you prefer the online option, you’ll simply fill out the quote form provided on the website. You’ll need details about your vehicle and any drivers on hand, and you will also need to select any discounts for which you plan to qualify (paperless billing, paid-in-full premiums, etc.).

Plan to have these documents ready as you apply:

  • Your driver’s license
  • Details about your RV’s make, model, age, and mileage
  • Records of past accidents and insurance claims

Once you file your application, you’ll get quotes from up to five different carriers. You can then choose your preferred carrier and proceed with finalizing your policy through the insurer directly.

Where to find alternatives to isn’t your only option if you’re on the hunt for an affordable, quality RV policy. You can also contact a variety of RV insurers directly and solicit quotes on an individual basis.

If this is a route you’re considering, use our guide to the best RV insurance coverage to get started. Planning on staying in your RV full time? Check out our full-time RV insurance guide, too.

However you go about it, make sure you compare various options before choosing your RV insurance policy. Shopping around is critical if you want the best RV coverage and lowest cost.