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Noble Gold Review: An In-Depth Look at How to Invest in Gold and Silver

  • Offers a gold IRA and sale of precious metals
  • Editorial rating: 4.6 out of 5

Founded in 2017 to simplify the process of precious metal investment, Noble Gold aims to offer secure, IRS-compliant ways to diversify investment portfolios. Whether it’s gold, silver, palladium, or platinum, Noble Gold offers a wide variety of options, including coins and bars, to meet different needs.

The company caters to a broad range of investors, from newbies taking their first steps in precious metal investment to experienced investors looking for a secure and hassle-free way to diversify their assets. If you’re interested in hedging against inflation or economic instability, or you just want to hold tangible assets, Noble Gold can help you meet those needs.

Keep reading as we share a detailed breakdown of Noble Gold’s offerings, helping you make an informed choice about your precious metal investments.

Our take on Noble Gold’s gold IRA

Noble Gold’s gold independent retirement account (IRA) doesn’t earn any of our best-for designations. It scores 4.6 out of 5 in our editorial rating.

How do you open a Noble Gold IRA?

Opening a Noble Gold IRA isn’t complicated, but you’ll want to pay attention to a few important steps. The company helps simplify this process by offering a guide you can get by providing a few details about yourself:

Image from Noble Gold's website to complete a form for a free gold and silver guide

Source: Noble Gold

Here are the steps to open a Noble Gold IRA once you’ve reviewed its free gold and silver investment guide and are confident you want to proceed with the company.

  1. Fill out information online: This is the first formal step in setting up your account.
Image from Noble Gold's website prompting use to enter info to open a gold IRA account

Source: Noble Gold

  1. Provide address details: This verifies your identity and location.
  2. Wait for a call: Within 24 hours, a Noble Gold team member will contact your new custodian—the financial institution or company that provides secure storage and management services for physical gold and other precious metals on your behalf—to finalize the account setup.
  3. Submit requested paperwork: The team member will inform you of any necessary documents.
  4. Get your account number: After setup, you’ll receive a new self-directed IRA number for your records.

This approach offers clarity at each stage, ensuring you know what decisions you need to make and what metals you can include in your account. It’s user-friendly and aims to make the investment process as smooth as possible.

Account funding and metal choices

  • To fund your account, you’ll usually use a rollover, transfer, or direct contribution.
  • You can choose from a variety of metals, not just gold.
  • Expect to buy metals through Noble Gold for your IRA.

Noble Gold streamlines the process with a free information packet and quick turnaround time. If you value detailed guidance and a straightforward process, Noble Gold might be a contender.

How much does a Noble Gold IRA cost?

When it comes to its gold IRA costs and fees, Noble is somewhat transparent. You can expect a recurring annual fee of $80 plus an additional $150 that covers secure segregated storage, insurance, and online account access. From our research, Noble Gold doesn’t seem to charge an initial setup fee.

Third-party sources we consulted mention a 1% transaction fee and a $50-per-year custodian fee. However, we couldn’t confirm these on Noble’s website.

Annual fee$80 
Storage fee$150 (Covers secure segregated storage, insurance, and online account access)
Initial feeNone
Transaction fee1%* 
Custodian fee$50 per year* 

*Via third-party sources; not disclosed on Noble Gold’s website

It’s crucial to be aware of what you’re signing up for. Some other gold IRA companies—Lear Capital, for instance—advertise a money-back guarantee, but Noble Gold doesn’t mention anything similar to this on its website.

Understanding the costs upfront helps you manage your investment better.

Our take on Noble Gold’s precious metals inventory

If you’re seeking a wealth of information about precious metals, Noble Gold stands out for its detailed metal descriptions. Our editorial team rates its inventory a 4.6 out of 5.

The platform excels in providing well-organized, comprehensive information about each metal it offers, making it a top choice for new and seasoned investors. We determined the best-for designation through a rigorous analysis of various factors, including types of metals, costs, company history, and customer experience. 

Noble Gold’s standout feature is its in-depth metal descriptions, which can be useful for those looking to educate themselves before making an investment.

How do you purchase metals through Noble Gold?

Purchasing precious metals from Noble Gold isn’t a straightforward click-and-buy experience. If you’re interested in its inventory, you’ll find a few steps you must follow. 

The process may be particularly confusing for buyers who just want coins; our team found that clicking “get started” for coins redirects you to the Gold IRA form.

These are the steps you can take to purchase metals through Noble:

  1. Request an information packet: If you haven’t yet provided an email and phone number to get a free gold and silver guide from Noble Gold about its gold IRA, start here.
  2. Open a gold IRA: Based on our experience, if you attempt to buy coins or other metals, you may find Noble redirects you to the gold IRA form. It seems you’ll need to open a gold IRA first, but Noble doesn’t clearly state this on its website.
  3. Select your metals: Once you’ve navigated the initial steps, you can choose from the range of metals Noble Gold offers. These are well-described, making your choice easier.
  4. Storage and delivery options: For gold IRAs, your metals will be stored in IRS-approved, secure facilities. For coins, Noble’s website says you can opt for discreet, direct-to-home shipping; however, we couldn’t confirm this without being prompted to open a gold IRA.

Here are the details we collected about Noble’s storage options, forms of payment, and more:

  • Payment options: Noble Gold doesn’t specify payment options online.
  • Storage for gold IRAs: These metals are stored in segregated storage via International Depository Services. Annual fees are $230.
  • Home storage for coins: If you buy coins, Noble’s website claims you can store them at home.
  • Liquidation: You can liquidate IRA-held and home-stored metals.
  • Buyback program: Noble Gold offers a buyback program, making selling your metals seamless.

Our research indicates Noble Gold’s process leans toward gold IRAs. If you’re interested in coins but not necessarily in an IRA, keep that in mind as you navigate the system.

How much does it cost to purchase metals through Noble Gold?

When it comes to purchasing metals through Noble Gold, the cost structure is unclear based on the information we found on the website. 

The company doesn’t mention transaction fees or additional charges, so it’s critical to consult with Noble Gold for the most up-to-date fee structure.

Transaction feeNot disclosed
ShippingNoble indicates discreet, direct-to-home shipping is available; costs may vary

Pros and cons of Noble Gold

Considering the pros and cons is crucial for any investment decision. It helps you understand what a company excels in and where it might fall short, enabling you to make an informed choice tailored to your needs.

We’ve evaluated the pros and cons of Noble Gold’s IRA and precious metals inventory separately.

Gold IRA


  • Product variety

    A wide range of products, including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, in various forms, including coins and bars.

  • Secure storage

    Secure, IRS-compliant storage options with multiple facilities.

  • Segregation of metals

    Noble will store your metals by themselves, not with other investors’ metals.


  • Limited fee transparency

    Not all fees are disclosed online.

Gold dealer


  • Offers “Survival” packages

    Noble describes these as “carefully curated sets of precious metals, including gold and silver coins and bars, designed to provide a reliable means of exchange during emergencies and a solid investment for wealth protection” starting at $10,000

  • Home delivery

    Noble says it provides the option to have metals delivered to your home

  • Fee transparency

    Flat fee structure for metal purchases

  • Easy to sell metals back to Noble

    Guaranteed buyback program


  • Cost transparency

    Delivery and precious metal product costs are not specified

  • Website clarity

    It’s unclear whether you must open a gold IRA before purchasing metals; this isn’t transparent on the website.

Is Noble Gold a reputable company?

Before investing in a financial product, you should always examine customer reviews. They offer insights into a company’s performance and credibility from those who’ve interacted with it.

SourceCustomer ratingNumber of reviews
Trustpilot4.5 out of 541
Better Business Bureau (BBB)4.98 out of 5117
Google4.9 out of 5419

Collected on September 28, 2023.

Noble Gold’s reputation is positive according to the majority of reviews on various platforms. The Better Business Bureau rates the company an A+, which speaks to its overall credibility. Most of the BBB reviews highlight Noble’s helpful customer service and smooth processes. Google reviews corroborate this.

Its score on the open review platform Trustpilot is also high—on all three websites, it rates better than 4.0.

Does Noble Gold have a customer service team?

Before diving into investment options with Noble Gold, you might wonder about its customer service. 

Located in Encino, California, Noble Gold’s team assists with all your investment queries, from basic information gathering to the more complex details of setting up and maintaining your investment accounts. The support extends to new and current investors, helping to streamline your experience.

Ways to contact Noble Gold:

  • Fill out the contact form on the website
  • Call the toll-free number: 877-646-5347
  • Email: [email protected]  
  • Mailing address: 16830 Ventura Blvd, Suite 326, Encino, CA 91436

Customer service availability and responsiveness can be a significant factor in choosing a financial product, so these contact options offer a decent range.

Noble Gold FAQ

Does Noble Gold offer any storage options for your metals?

For IRA investments, your metals are stored in IRS-approved depositories. These facilities are secure, private vaults, and your assets are held in segregated storage, separate from other investors’ assets. 

Storage locations are available in Texas, Delaware, and Mississauga (Toronto, Canada). The annual fee for this storage is about $230.

How can you liquidate your metals?

You’re not locked into your investment with Noble Gold. Noble Gold offers a buyback program, eliminating the hassle of finding a buyer for your precious metals. You can also opt for home delivery of physical metals or cash.

How can you track the value of your metals?

Keeping tabs on your investment is straightforward with Noble Gold. If you’ve opted for a gold IRA, you can view your account balance online, much like a standard bank account. This way, you’ll always know the value of your metals. 

How we rated Noble Gold

We designed LendEDU’s editorial rating system to help consumers identify companies that offer the best financial products. Our experts spend hours researching these companies each year to ensure our ratings are fresh and accurate.

Our most recent evaluation compared Noble Gold to several gold companies across a number of factors, including types of metals, costs, company history, and customer experience. We weighted, scored, and combined these factors to produce a final editorial rating. This rating is expressed on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest possible score. We round all ratings to the nearest tenth decimal place.