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Small Business Loans

Fix-and-Flip Loans in Florida

A fix-and-flip loan is a type of small business loan for real estate projects. The borrower uses the funds to purchase and update a property, then quickly flip it to sell for profit. These loans are different from personal mortgages in that the funds are used to buy and renovate a property. 

The loan term is usually much shorter than a traditional 30-year mortgage because the property is meant to be sold in the short term. 

Borrowers can find fix-and-flip loans in Florida from national and local private lenders. You might find faster funding times with larger lenders but could get more flexible approval requirements with a regional one.  

How to find the best fix-and-flip loans in Florida 

Traditional banks typically don’t provide fix-and-flip loans. Instead, you need to find a specialized private lending company. In Florida, there are plenty of options for both national lenders and local ones. 

There aren’t Florida-specific rules for fix-and-flip loans, but your lender does need to be licensed to do business in the state. 

We’ve focused on national and regional lenders in Florida to help you narrow down companies to work with. Compare rates, loan amounts, and required investment experience to find the right fit.

Many lenders let you get preapproved to view the quoted loan terms before submitting a full application.

LenderAPRs*What you need to know
Capital Funding9.49% and upBorrow up to 90% loan-to-cost ratio
LendingOneNot disclosedMust have fix-and-flip experience
LYNK Capital10.00% and upFast pre-approvals and funding
BridgeWell CapitalNot disclosedApplicants with poor credit welcome
Perfecto CapitalNot disclosedNo fix-and-flip experience required
RehabLend10.25% and upRate discounts for proven investors 
*Rates as of February 2024

Fix-and-flip loans in Florida

Explore options for both national and regional lenders that offer fix-and-flip loans in Florida. 

Capital Funding Financial

  • Loan terms from 12 to 24 months
  • No prepayment penalty
  • No personal income verification 

Capital Funding Financial (CFF) offers longer loan terms for fix-and-flip loans, lasting anywhere between one and two years. Closing times are quite fast and average between seven and 14 days. So, if you find a time-sensitive deal in Florida and need the funds to close, Capital Funding Financial can work on a tight schedule.

Applicants need a 660 minimum credit score. That’s average compared to the other lenders we reviewed. You also don’t need previous experience with home flips to qualify. 

CFF is straightforward about the information you must provide to close, which includes personal, property, and business documentation. Eligible properties include single-family homes, multifamily units, and mixed-use developments, giving you plenty of fix-and-flip options throughout Florida.


  • Funds up to 90% of purchase and repairs
  • 680 minimum credit score
  • Loan amounts range from $75,000 to $10 million

LendingOne is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, although it has a nearly nationwide reach. This lender doesn’t work with first-time real estate investors—you must have at least one successful real estate investment in the past to be considered. 

On the other hand, it works with loan budgets of all sizes. So whether you’re gaining more experience with a small investment property or want to finance a multi-family fix-and-flip, LendingOne has the right loan amount for you. 

Get up to 90% project financing, meaning you may just need a 10% down payment. The minimum credit score is 680, and you could receive project funding in as little as a week. If your plans change and you want to keep your flip as a rental property, Lending One also has the option to convert your loan to a rental loan.  

LYNK Capital

  • Fast pre-approval and funding times
  • Finance single-family, multi-unit, and multi-use projects
  • Loan terms up to 12 months

LYNK Capital is a private lender offering fix-and-flip loans in Florida and 30 other states. It offers pre-approvals within minutes and funding for your project in 10 days or less. 

There’s no minimum credit score required because LYNK Capital looks holistically at all of the application materials, including the quality of the property and your investment track record. 

Another unique feature is LYNK Capital’s online Fix & Flip Academy. It’s an eight-part series that walks you through real estate investing from start to finish. This is a great starting point if you’re interested in flipping Florida properties but don’t have any experience yet.

Repeat borrowers may qualify for up to 95% loan-to-cost. So, you would need to cover just 5% of the project costs upfront when calculating your loan amount this way. 

BridgeWell Capital

  • Close in as little as 10 days
  • Higher loan minimum
  • 20% minimum down payment of purchase price

BridgeWell Capital is based in Orlando, FL, although it offers fix-and-flip loans in other states, as well. Credit standards are not set in stone, and applicants with damaged credit or those who are self-employed are eligible to apply. 

Once approved, you can get a proof-of-funds letter within one business day to place an offer on a property in Florida. The minimum loan amount is $100,000, which is slightly higher than some other lenders. But interest is only charged on what you draw. 

Borrowers must make a 20% down payment on the Florida property’s purchase price, but you can get 100% financing on the rehab costs. If the renovation project wraps up sooner than expected, you don’t have to worry about prepayment penalties after you flip the property. 

Perfecto Capital

  • 3 – 12 month term lengths
  • Down payment required
  • Smaller loan amounts available

Perfecto Capital advertises no credit check or income requirements for fix-and-flip loans. You also don’t necessarily need experience, but you’ll get more favorable financing terms with a proven track record. Loan amounts range between $25,000 to $2 million. 

That’s on the smaller side compared to other lenders, but it also means you don’t have to borrow more than your project requires. You need cash to get project financing: Florida fix-and-flip loans from Perfecto Capital only cover 70% of the property’s after-repair value. But in some cases, you may be able to qualify to finance 100% rehab costs.

Eligible properties include residential and multi-family properties. Expect a slower approval time; applicants usually hear back within 48 hours of submitting an online application. The average closing time is three weeks, but things can move as fast as three to four days if your paperwork is in order.


  • APR varies by experience level
  • No online application 
  • 620 minimum credit score

RehabLend offers fix-and-flip loans in Florida as well as a few other states. Fix-and-flip bridge loan rates start at 10.25%, with rate discounts available for experienced investors. Even if you don’t have fix-and-flip experience, it’s still possible to get a deal from RehabLend since the property itself is used as collateral for the loan. 

Loan terms are quite flexible and range anywhere between six and 19 months. Loan amounts are on the higher side, with a minimum $125,000 fix-and-flip loan. The maximum is $5 million. 

In terms of financing structure, borrowers may qualify for 100% rehab funding and 70% after-repair value. Expect your fix-and-flip loan to close between two and three weeks. 

Most lenders have significant experience in fix-and-flip projects and can offer assistance or resources. It also helps to have a lender that understands your local market, especially if you’re new to flipping properties. 

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How to choose the best Florida fix-and-flip loan 

There are a few considerations to make when choosing the best fix-and-flip loan in Florida:

  • Understand lenders’ loan amount formulas: Different lenders use different formulas for calculating your loan amount, such as loan-to-value, after-repair value, or loan-to-cost ratio. They may use one formula for purchasing the property and one for covering renovation costs.
  • Check investment history requirements: Some lenders require a track record in flipping homes before offering a loan. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements (if any) before you apply. 
  • Compare fees: Check costs like appraisal fees, origination fees, and interest rates to choose the best fix-and-flip loan in Florida. Once you choose a lender, receiving the funds could take a few days to several weeks.