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What You Need to Know About Using Chrysler Capital to Finance a Car

Many consumers need financing to purchase a new or used vehicle, and for those who prefer Chrysler vehicles, Chrysler Capital may be a viable solution.

Chrysler Capital is a full-service financing company offering auto lease and loan solutions through nearly all of the Chrysler Group dealerships in the United States. This financing company is a direct-to-consumer organization that helps individuals purchase or lease Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, and FIAT vehicles at participating dealerships.

While the organization bears the automaker’s name, the company is a subsidiary of Banco Santander – a global financial institution.

Chrysler Capital Car Financing Overview

Chrysler Capital offers a variety of financing options for car buyers, as well as those who plan to lease a Chrysler-brand vehicle. Similarly, individuals who lease a vehicle through Chrysler Capital have the option to purchase it at the end of the lease term through a lease buyout auto loan which also utilizes the financing company’s auto loan offers.

Generally, car buyers need to have a strong credit history and verifiable income to qualify for the lowest advertised interest rates on a new Chrysler Capital auto loan. Additionally, Chrysler Capital may require a down payment of as much as ten percent of the purchase price of the vehicle to qualify for the lowest possible interest rates and terms.


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Basic Information: Rates, Terms, Fees, and Limits

Consumers have the option to lease a new vehicle under the Chrysler brand for 24 or 36 months, depending on the type of vehicle selected. Leasing a vehicle through Chrysler Capital may require a single up-front payment ranging from $2,400 to $3,500, as well as a nonrefundable security deposit.

Car buyers have the option to finance a new or used vehicle through Chrysler Capital with an interest rate as low as 0% for specific models, or as low as 3.9% for others. Most financing offers from Chrysler Capital are available at 36-month repayment terms, but they may extend up to 84 months for large purchases if you also make a down payment, though longer terms may not be the best idea.

The Benefits

Chrysler Capital is the easy choice for many car buyers because financing is available directly at the dealership. Borrowers do not need to look for outside financing but can instead have the loan applied for and approved in-house.

Chrysler Capital also offers several tools online to help determine the total cost of leasing or owning a vehicle, including current interest rates on loans. The lender also provides a list of all dealers that utilize the financing arm for in-house loans and lease agreements, making it easy for consumers to find what they are looking for in a new or used vehicle.

Chrysler Capital also provides a comprehensive end-of-lease program that is meant to make the transition into another lease or to purchase the previously leased vehicle easier. Customer support associates are available through the financier to help car owners make the right decision based on their financial and driving needs.

The Downsides

Although Chrysler Capital makes the process of purchasing or leasing a vehicle relatively seamless, there may be better, more cost-effective financing options available elsewhere. Consumers should take the time to comparison shop for auto loans with other financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and online lenders.

In some cases, dealership financing is a worse value compared to outside finance options. In addition, those who plan to purchase or lease a vehicle may be required to provide a down payment to qualify for the offered terms. This can be a burden for those who have not saved up for a new car purchase or lease in advance.

Bottom Line

Chrysler Capital offers several advantages to those in need of a new or used vehicle, including:

  • Payment terms up to 84 months
  • 0% interest rates on some models
  • Minimal down payment options for leasing agreements
  • The ability to purchase at the end of a lease period

However, there are also some caveats to using Chrysler Capital, including:

  • A down payment may be necessary for purchase options
  • Financing is only available at participating dealerships
  • Interest rates may be worse than comparable outside lenders
  • Payment terms may be limited for low or no interest rate options