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Taylor Milam-Samuel

Taylor Milam-Samuel is a personal finance writer and credentialed educator who is passionate about helping people take control of their finances and create a life they love. When she's not researching financial terms and conditions, she can be found in the classroom teaching.

About Taylor Milam-Samuel

Current Role

Personal finance writer


  • Student Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Debt
  • Budgeting


  • Bachelor's degree in English language arts from UCLA, master's degree in education from San Diego State University

Personal Finance Experience

Taylor's interest in personal finance began shortly after she graduated from college and was faced with the reality of her student loans. In an effort to create a better financial future for herself, she dove headfirst into the world of personal finance and started learning as much as possible.

What started as a personal passion has since grown into a career as a personal finance writer and educator.

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