Jess Ullrich

Jess Ullrich

Jess has been enjoying life as a freelance financial writer since May 2022. Previously, she was an editor at two popular online financial publications, one of which she helped grow from the ground up. She also spent nearly five years in an editorial role at a blockchain media agency where she worked on content campaigns for major financial firms. In her spare time, you can find Jess reading about investing and personal finance, working in her garden, or spending time with family.

Articles by Jess Ullrich:

How Does a Home-Sale Leaseback Work?

If you’re researching ways to access your home equity, a home-sale leaseback is an option. Here’s how it works and what to know.

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How to Change Your Student Loan Servicer

An unresponsive or unsatisfying student loan servicer can be a challenge, but you might be able to change your loan servicer.

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Student Loans for Police Academy

If you’re wondering how you’ll pay for police academy tuition, you may have several options. You could qualify for federal or private student loans.

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Budget for Student Loans: How to Make a Plan & Stick to It

Budgeting for student loan payments might feel overwhelming, but breaking the process down into steps can help.

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How Do You Legally Settle Student Loan Debt?

Legally settling student loan debt is complicated, but settlement might be an option in certain cases. Here’s what to know if you’re considering this option.

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