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Zebra Auto Insurance Review

  • What we like: Easy comparison process for finding auto insurance from top providers
  • Ratings: Not rated by J.D. Power or AM Best
  • Discounts: Depends on insurer

The Zebra simplifies auto insurance by comparing major insurers such as Geico and Progressive. Beyond auto, it covers home, renters, and life insurance. We’re focusing on how its auto insurance services are designed for ease of use and informed decision-making.

The Zebra is not an insurance provider itself. Still, it allows users to access and compare quotes from the top insurance providers by answering a few questions—and without affecting your credit. Once you’ve reviewed your quotes, if you need help deciding, The Zebra provides licensed insurance agents to help.

In this review, we will explore both the strengths and limitations of The Zebra as a potential solution for streamlining the process of obtaining auto insurance quotes and selecting the right provider and coverage for you.

The Zebra auto insurance at a glance

The Zebra is not an insurance provider but a comparison platform that partners with insurance companies to connect potential customers with quotes. 

The partners in your quote largely depend on your geographic location and driver profile. Your options are tailored to your circumstances.

Here is a list of The Zebra’s current partners on its website.

AAA (CSAA)Liberty MutualSafeco
ForemostLighthouseState Auto
NationwideThe GeneralCertainly
AcceptanceDairylandKAI Advantage
Advantage AutoMercuryStonegate
GEICOTravelersCommonwealth Casualty
Plymouth RockFalconBristol West
AspireNational GeneralAssuranceAmerica

This extensive list of partners allows The Zebra to provide a wide range of coverage options and rates tailored to the each user’s needs and circumstances. Whether it’s your location or particular aspects of your driving history, The Zebra aims to match you with the most suitable options available.

See our list of the best auto insurance companies.

What types of coverage does The Zebra offer?

The Zebra, as a comprehensive insurance comparison platform, facilitates access to a wide array of coverage options for auto insurance. These coverages range from basic liability to comprehensive plans. 

The Zebra presents these options in a user-friendly format, allowing users to easily understand and select the coverage that best suits their situation. See the coverage types you can get from The Zebra’s partners below:

Coverage typeDescriptionIncluded in basic insurance policy?Options
Liability insuranceMandatory in most states, covers damages to others’ vehicles and injuries when at fault.YLimits vary by policy and state requirements.
Collision insuranceCovers damages to your vehicle in accidents regardless of fault.NDeductible amounts vary; higher deductibles can lower premiums.
Comprehensive insuranceProtects against non-collision damages, including theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.NSimilar to collision, you can adjust deductible amounts.
Personal injury protectionCovers medical expenses for you and passengers regardless of fault.Varies by stateCoverage limits and availability depend on state law.
Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverageProtection if hit by a driver with insufficient or no insurance.Varies by stateCoverage and limits based on state regulations and personal choices.
Roadside assistanceAssistance for issues including towing, flat tires, and lockout services.NCoverage specifics vary among providers.

Who’s eligible for The Zebra auto insurance coverage?

The Zebra caters to various automobiles, drivers, and usage types. However, the eligibility for coverage depends on the insurance provider’s criteria. 

Here’s a breakdown of the general eligibility criteria and exclusions you may find through its partners:

Eligibility criteriaDetails
Types of automobiles coveredStandard cars

Electric vehicles

Classic cars

Driver eligibilityDrivers with a valid license

Including young drivers and seniors

Drivers with a history of traffic violations or accidents
Usage typesPersonal use


Business use (with limitations)
Geographical availabilityBroadly available, but specific coverage options vary by state

Not available in Hawaii and Alaska

Exclusions from eligibility:

  • Vehicles used for high-risk commercial purposes.
  • Drivers without a valid driver’s license.
  • Extremely high-value or specialized vehicles may have limited options.

Location limitations:

  • Coverage options and availability are subject to state-specific insurance regulations.
  • Insurers may not operate in all states, affecting available choices.

Other requirements:

  • A clean driving record may be required for the best rates.
  • Specific information about the vehicle, including VIN, is needed for accurate quotes.

Pros and cons of The Zebra auto insurance

Whenever you input your personal information into a website—whether it affects your credit—consider the benefits versus the drawbacks of the services provided. Here are pros and cons of The Zebra auto insurance platform.


  • Wide range of options

    Access to quotes from several insurance providers offering a diverse selection of coverage options and price points.

  • User-friendly platform

    Simple comparison process with an easy-to-navigate website and clear presentation of information.

  • No impact on credit score 

    Obtaining quotes through The Zebra does not affect your credit score because it only involves a soft pull.

  • Personalized quotes

    Tailored insurance options based on your information ensure relevance and accuracy.

  • Free and unbiased service

    The Zebra’s comparison services are free without bias toward any insurer.

  • Expert assistance available

    Access to licensed insurance agents for personalized advice and support.


  • Limited direct control

    As a comparison tool, The Zebra does not have control over the prices and terms of the insurance policies listed.

  • Regional variations

    Availability of certain insurers or specific types of coverage may vary by region. Some customers cited not being able to see quotes directly from The Zebra, and The Zebra says geographic location could be a reason.

  • Potential for information overload

    The sheer volume of options and information can be overwhelming for some users.

  • No exclusive discounts

    The Zebra showcases insurers’ available discounts but doesn’t offer any of its own.

  • Depends on accurate user input

    The accuracy of quotes depends on the information the user provides, which can lead to discrepancies if not entered correctly.

  • No mobile app

    As of December 2023, The Zebra does not offer a dedicated mobile app for on-the-go insurance comparison.

  • Inability to customize

    You can’t customize policies on The Zebra’s comparison tool—you have to do it with the individual insurance companies—which can be a frustrating extra step if you aren’t sure what limits and coverages you need.

How do you file a claim with The Zebra?

The Zebra operates as an insurance comparison tool rather than an insurance provider, so it doesn’t directly handle insurance claims. You’ll file claims with the insurance company you select through The Zebra. 

How does The Zebra auto insurance compare to others?

The Zebra stands out in the insurance comparison space for its extensive range of options from several providers. It allows users to easily compare multiple quotes, a distinct advantage for those seeking a broad market overview and competitive rates. 

Unlike direct insurers, The Zebra and similar platforms, such as Otto Auto Insurance, serve as intermediaries, offering a comprehensive view of available insurance options without managing policies or claims.

Compared to Otto and similar platforms, The Zebra’s unique selling point is its wide-reaching network of insurers and its commitment to a user-friendly experience. 

However, traditional insurance companies might be more suitable for customers looking for more than just comparison, such as direct policy management or in-house customer service. These companies, while not offering the breadth of comparison, provide a more integrated service experience from policy purchase to claim handling.

Is The Zebra reputable?

We can assess The Zebra’s reputation in the insurance comparison market through customer reviews on Trustpilot, Google, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These reviews offer insights into the user experience and service quality. Here’s a summary:

SourceCustomer ratingNumber of reviews
Trustpilot3.8 out of 5149
Google4.5 out of 5514
Better Business Bureau4 out of 552

Data collected on December 15, 2023

Positive reviews on Trustpilot often highlight The Zebra’s knowledgeable agents. However, negative reviews point out issues viewing actual quotes and being redirected to other companies’ websites, requiring users to re-enter information. The Zebra’s response to this indicates that search results depend on the user’s address and driver profile.

On the Better Business Bureau, some reviews praise The Zebra for its helpful comparisons and customer service, but others label it as untrustworthy, suggesting it doesn’t always offer the best quotes.

Google reviews reflect a generally positive sentiment about customer service. However, similar to Trustpilot, some reviews mention not seeing actual quotes.

Across platforms, customers commend The Zebra for its service and support. But the recurring theme of challenges in obtaining accurate, final quotes directly from The Zebra’s platform is worth noting.

Does The Zebra have a customer service team?

The Zebra is equipped with a customer service team located at its headquarters in Austin, Texas. This team plays a vital role in assisting users with their insurance comparison journey. 

It can help you understand insurance options and navigate the platform. The team’s expertise in insurance matters and commitment to user satisfaction make them a valuable resource for anyone using The Zebra’s services.

The customer service team at The Zebra is accessible through various channels. It provides personalized assistance, ensuring that users receive the help they need, whether it’s about policy details, technical issues, or general inquiries.

Contact information for The Zebra’s customer service:

The Zebra’s customer service provides comprehensive support, ensuring that users can easily connect with the team and get the needed assistance.

How to get a The Zebra auto insurance quote

Applying for auto insurance through The Zebra is online and user-friendly. Here are the general steps:

  1. Visit the Zebra’s website: Begin by navigating to The Zebra’s official website.
  2. Enter your zip code: This step helps determine the insurance providers available in your area. You can also call an agent at the listed phone number.
Screenshot of The Zebra application
  1. Provide basic information: Tell The Zebra what you’re looking for. Depending on your home ownership status, you may be able to bundle your home and car insurance, and some insurance companies provide a discount for that.
Screenshot of personal information section of The Zebra application.
  1. Provide vehicle information: Have your vehicle’s make, model, year, and vehicle identification number (VIN) ready. You can add more than one vehicle.
Screenshot of vehicle information section of The Zebra application.
A screenshot of the vehicle information section of The Zebra application.
  1. Input driving history: Include details about your driving record and any previous insurance claims.
A screenshot of the driving history section of The Zebra application.
Screenshot of personal information section of The Zebra application.
Screenshot of The Zebra auto insurance application
  1. Review quotes: After entering the information, you’ll get various quotes from different insurers to compare.
Screenshot of personalized quotes from The Zebra

Source: The Zebra

As you go through the process, it’s helpful to have the following information on hand:

  • Personal details, such as name, address, and date of birth.
  • Vehicle information, including make, model, year, and VIN.
  • Driving history, including any past accidents or claims.

When reviewing your quotes, consider the following:

  • Duration: Quotes typically cover various time frames, often spanning six months to a year.
  • Payment options: You’ll usually have options to pay all at once or in monthly installments.
  • Review and adjustments: Before purchasing, you can review and adjust your coverage details.
  • Time to decide: After reviewing quotes, take time to consider your options. 
  • Ask questions: If you have any questions regarding the quote, you can contact The Zebra for clarification.

Where to find alternatives to The Zebra auto insurance

When looking for auto insurance, we advise gathering several quotes before making a decision. This approach ensures you get the best coverage at the most competitive price. 

Insurance providers have unique formulas for calculating premiums, considering driving history, vehicle type, and location. By comparing multiple quotes, you can find a policy that best suits your needs and budget.

Here are alternatives to The Zebra to consider for auto insurance quotes:

  • Direct insurance companies: Visit the websites of well-known insurers, such as Geico, Progressive, or State Farm. These companies offer online quote tools, allowing you to get a direct estimate from the insurer. See our list of the best auto insurance companies.
  • Local insurance agents: A local agent can provide a more personalized service. They often represent multiple insurance companies and can help you compare policies.
  • Other comparison websites: Websites similar to The Zebra, such as or InsuranceQuotes, also offer the ability to compare multiple insurance quotes in one place.
  • Insurance broker services: Brokers work independently and can compare quotes from various insurers on your behalf, often providing a broader perspective.

Remember, while reviewing quotes, it’s crucial to compare similar coverage levels to get an accurate sense of cost and value.

The Zebra FAQ

What discounts does Zebra offer?

A comparison platform, The Zebra doesn’t offer direct discounts. However, it helps users find discounts from insurers. These can include safe driver discounts, multi-policy discounts, and more.

Can I customize my Zebra auto policy?

Because The Zebra is a comparison tool and not an insurer, you can’t customize an auto policy on its platform. However, The Zebra allows you to view and compare different policy options from various insurers, which you can then customize according to your needs with the chosen insurer.

Does Zebra offer any online tools or mobile apps?

The Zebra offers online tools on its website for comparing insurance quotes but doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app. Its website is mobile-friendly and can be easily accessed from various devices for quote comparison.