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What Is a Healthcare Sharing Ministry?

A healthcare sharing ministry is an alternative to traditional health insurance coverage. Often religious in nature, healthcare sharing ministries are nonprofit organizations that help people to share the cost of medical expenses.

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Buying Off-Exchange Health Insurance

Off-exchange health insurance plans have the same protections for policyholders that on-exchange plans also have — but you won't be eligible for premium subsidies. Buying an off-exchange plan may make sense if the plan is the only one that covers your doctor or if the plan costs less than a comparable on-exchange policy.

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How Does Catastrophic Health Insurance Work?

Catastrophic health insurance plans have very high deductibles and provide coverage only if you have a serious illness or medical emergency. Although catastrophic health insurance plans have affordable premiums, you do have to pay out of pocket for most types of medical care.

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What Does Dave Ramsey Think About Christian Health Insurance?

Dave Ramsey thinks not all Christian health insurance is bad but consumers should be aware of the fine print before signing up.

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Average Cost of Health Insurance

Health insurance is a critical part of one's financial well-being, as it covers much of the expenses associated with medical care. However, insurance premiums have increased 99 percent in recent years. Here's a closer look at the average cost of health insurance.

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