Mike Brown

In his role at LendEDU, Mike uses data, usually from surveys and publicly-available resources, to identify emerging personal finance trends and tell unique stories. Mike’s work, featured in major outlets like The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, provides consumers with a personal finance measuring stick and can help them make informed finance decisions.

Articles by Mike Brown:

Why Aren’t Millennials Becoming Homeowners? Some Cite a Lack of Knowledge or Savings, Others Point to Student Debt

In part two of a study about millennials, mortgages, and homeownership, LendEDU found some revealing trends about why many millennials aren't homeowners yet.

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SoFi Reviews

This SoFi Review takes a look at what products the company offers and links out to all of our full reviews of each.

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Millennials & Mortgages: Generation is Struggling With Down Payments, Sometimes Getting Help From Parents

Part one of LendEDU's two-part millennial & mortgages study examined trends amongst current millennial homeowners, and found that this generation often pays for PMI, in addition to leaving little wiggle room to meet monthly mortgage payments.

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State of Private Student Loans Report 2019

As the cost of college continues to rise, it becomes harder for federal student loans to fully meet the price tag. Private student loans are increasingly used to fill the gaps, and using our own data that includes close to 200,000 users interested in private student loans, LendEDU reveals how the private student loan industry has changed from 2016 to today.

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Colleges That Are Making a Difference By Improving Financial Literacy

Financial literacy levels, especially amongst young adults and college students, must always be improving. LendEDU has recognized the college financial literacy programs that are taking a unique approach to tackle this issue.

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