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Christopher Murray

Christopher Murray is a freelance personal finance and sustainability writer. He graduated from Smith College with bachelor’s degrees in English literature and gender studies. He also served as a personal finance editor for five years.

About Christopher Murray

Current Role

Personal finance writer


  • Small Business Finance
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance
  • Student Loans
  • Budgeting
  • Saving


  • Bachelor's degrees in English and gender studies from Smith College

Personal Finance Experience

In 2017, Christopher began working as a staff writer for a small financial publication. It quickly grew to become a prominent blog, and he soon became an editor. As the years went on and the company grew, he became the senior editor, leading a team of more than 20 writers.

During his time as an editor, Christopher also moonlighted as a freelance writer for several blogs. Eventually, he found the freedom that role offered impossible to deny. Today, Christopher is a full-time writer focusing on finance and sustainability.

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