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Colleges With the Least Student Loan Debt Per Borrower in the Southwest

Updated Apr 06, 2023   |   2-min read

The space that stretches from Los Angeles, California to El Paso, Texas along the Mexican-U.S. border is what can be considered the Southwest United States. Besides the deserts, mountains, and rivers that run through this awe-inspiring terrain, the region is also home to 11 million people.

The two most densely populated cities are Phoenix, with a population of over 4 million people, and Las Vegas, where about 2 million residents reside. 

Denver is also one of the major cities in the Southwest region. The capital of Colorado is a hub for outdoorsmen and nature seekers and is well-known for its close proximity to ski mountains.

The Southwest is also a region where many prominent American Universities are based out of. Given the economic prosperity enjoyed by the major cities in this area, we wanted to know if it would correlate to tuition price, and specifically, student loan debt.

Using licensed data, LendEDU has recognized the 50 schools in the Southwest U.S. that have the lowest average student loan debt per borrower figures in the entire region. 

Top 50 Colleges With the Least Student Loan Debt Per Borrower Figures in the Southwest


LendEDU’s Colleges with the Least Average Debt Per Borrower Report was created using data that reflects the Class of 2016. For reference, the data is released on a one-year delay. The Class of 2017 data will not be available until the Fall of 2018.

The average debt per graduate was calculated by compiling the total debt at each university, divided by the number of bachelor degree recipients at each particular university. The average amount of student loan debt per graduate was then weighted by the number of graduates who had student debt to find the average debt per student loan borrower.

The data was provided on a voluntary basis at the college level by college officials. LendEDU did not audit the accuracy of the college level data.

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