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Colleges With the Least Student Loan Debt Per Borrower in the Rockies

The Rocky Mountains, commonly referred to as the ‘Rockies’, are a mountainous region that stretch 3,000 miles from the northern-most part of British Columbia in Western Canada, to New Mexico in the Southwest United States.

The striking landscape is surrounded by public parks and forest lands, which over the years have drawn in mass amounts of tourism, particularly for hiking, fishing and hunting, skiing, and snowboarding.

In addition to its natural beauty, the area continues to be a great sector for American universities and colleges. This particular region is actually home to several institutions that have enjoyed great growth and prosperity over the years.

Being that the region is defined by constant fluctuations in elevation, one would think it would be difficult to start an institution of higher education. However, many colleges have fared quite well in the Rocky Mountain region.

Given the remoteness of the location, the team at LendEDU contemplated how that might affect tuition rates and the resulting student loan debts that accrue upon graduation. The following is a list of the colleges in the Rocky Mountain region that posted the lowest average student loan debt per borrower figures.

Top 25 Colleges With the Least Student Loan Debt Per Borrower in the Rockies


LendEDU’s Colleges with the Least Average Debt Per Borrower Report was created using data that reflects the Class of 2016. For reference, the data is released on a one-year delay. The Class of 2017 data will not be available until the Fall of 2018.

The average debt per graduate figure was calculated by compiling the total debt at each university divided by the number of bachelor degree recipients at each particular university. The average amount of student loan debt per graduate was then weighted by the number of graduates who had student debt to find the average debt per student loan borrower.

The data was provided on a voluntary basis at the college level by college officials. LendEDU did not audit the accuracy of the college level data.

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