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Gold Alliance Review

Gold Alliance, established to simplify precious metal investments, caters to diverse investors. Its mission focuses on accessible investment in gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

Gold Alliance offers precious metals IRAs and direct purchases that are ideal for retirees and diversifying investors. It emphasizes customer education and support, appealing to both new and seasoned investors.

Our take on Gold Alliance’s gold IRA

  • LendEDU rating: 4.6 out of 5
  • Biggest benefit: Personalized, comprehensive service
  • Biggest drawback: $200 annual IRA fee

Gold Alliance‘s gold IRA, which our team rates 4.6 out of 5, excels in customer service and variety of metals. It’s ideal for investors seeking personalized guidance but lacks specific standout features compared to rivals.

Competitors including American Hartford Gold (best overall, 5.0 rating) and Red Rock Secured (best price protection, 4.9 rating) offer distinct advantages. Lear Capital provides a unique risk-free guarantee, and Augusta Precious Metals entices with an introductory offer.

Gold Alliance doesn’t lead in specialized categories, but its strength lies in its comprehensive service.

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Gold Alliance gold IRA at a glance

A gold IRA with Gold Alliance offers a unique opportunity for investors to diversify their retirement portfolio using precious metals. This type of IRA allows individuals to hold physical gold and silver coins and bullion as part of their retirement savings, offering an alternative to more traditional stock or bond investments. 

The process involves setting up a self-directed IRA, choosing eligible metals, and ensuring secure storage and management. Here’s a summary to help you quickly understand the key features of a Gold Alliance gold IRA:

IRA-eligible metalsGold and silver coins and bullion
Countries of metal originUnited States, West India, Canada, Australia, U.K.
Storage optionsGold Alliance recommends the Delaware Depository in Wilmington, Delaware, for insured, secure storage
Other options can be discussed with team members
Account trackingOnline dashboard for 24/7 access or quarterly mailed statements from the custodian
State availabilityAll 50 states
Eligible rollover accountsQualified retirement accounts including 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, pension plans, and Thrift Savings Plans
Unique benefitsDedicated team member for personalized assistance

This structure allows for a tangible and potentially more stable investment, especially during times of economic uncertainty. Gold Alliance assists at every step, from the initial setup to choosing metals and managing the account, ensuring that your retirement investment aligns with your financial goals.

How do you open a Gold Alliance IRA?

Opening a Gold Alliance Gold IRA is a straightforward process. Here’s how it works:

1. Set up your account

Call Gold Alliance ((888) 734-7453) and provide your basic contact information and the contact information of the beneficiaries you want listed on your account. Gold Alliance sends you a paper copy of an application to complete.  

2. Submit your application

Return the completed application in the prepaid FedEx envelope Gold Alliance provides. Your account will be ready for funding within 24 hours of Gold Alliance receiving the form.

3. Fund the account

Gold Alliance collaborates with you and your current IRA custodian to transfer or roll over retirement funds to your new IRA. To fund your new IRA, Gold Alliance offers two tax-free, penalty-free options:

  • Direct trustee-to-trustee transfer: Your retirement funds move directly from your current IRA provider to your new Precious Metals IRA provider.
  • 60-day rollover: Your current IRA provider sends a check to your home. You then mail this check to your new custodian within 60 days to avoid taxes or penalties.

Gold Alliance collaborates with you and your current IRA custodian to facilitate your chosen transfer method. A dedicated team member will help you select an IRA custodian, fill out paperwork for your approval, and make necessary calls to ensure a smooth process. 

Expect to complete the transfer to your new Precious Metals IRA in about three business days, and the account is operational within one business day.

4. Select precious metals

Once funds are in your new account, you’re ready to choose precious metals. Gold Alliance offers guidance in selecting metals that align with your financial goals. It lists IRA-eligible metals on its website but doesn’t disclose specific prices.

screenshot of precious metals selection for Gold Alliance

Each step is designed to ensure a smooth transition into precious metals investing, with Gold Alliance providing support and expertise to tailor your portfolio to your objectives.

How do you contribute to a Gold Alliance IRA? 

Gold Alliance accommodates the transfer of annual contributions you make to your retirement account, ensuring these funds are seamlessly integrated into your precious metals IRA.

Here’s how it works:

  • Scheduled transfers: Gold Alliance can set up transfers on a recurring schedule that aligns with your financial plans. This means your annual contributions to your retirement account can be automatically moved to your Precious Metals IRA at intervals that suit you.
  • Cash position or metal investment: Once your contributions are in your Precious Metals IRA, you have the option to keep them in a cash position or use them to acquire more precious metals. This flexibility allows you to respond to market conditions and investment goals, whether that means holding on to cash for future investment opportunities or expanding your portfolio of metals.

This approach ensures that managing and growing your Precious Metals IRA with Gold Alliance is tailored to your unique retirement savings strategy and investment preferences.

How do you take distributions from a Gold Alliance IRA?

Taking distributions from your Gold Alliance Precious Metals IRA is a straightforward and flexible process, allowing you to choose between receiving physical metals or cash. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Initiate the process: Contact a Gold Alliance team member and inform them of your preferred form of distribution—physical metals delivered to your address or the equivalent value in cash.
  • Paperwork and processing: Gold Alliance will prepare the necessary paperwork for your signature. This step is essential to authorize the distribution and ensure everything is processed according to your instructions.
  • Receiving your distribution:
    • Physical metals: If you opt for physical metals, they will be safely shipped from the depository to your door.
    • Cash: If you prefer cash, the metals in your IRA will be liquidated, and you’ll receive the funds as a deposit in your chosen account or a check in the mail.

The entire process should only take one day once you’ve made your choice and signed the paperwork. 

How much does a Gold Alliance IRA cost?

Investing with Gold Alliance involves certain costs, crucial for investors to consider. The primary expense is the annual fee for a gold IRA held at Equity Trust, which is $200. This fee covers storage, depository insurance, quarterly financial statements, and 24/7 online account access. 

This fee is the same regardless of the account size or value changes due to market fluctuations or additional contributions.

Variable costs might include the prices of the precious metals themselves, which fluctuate based on market conditions. Gold Alliance doesn’t list metal prices on its website, requiring potential investors to call and speak to a representative for details. 

Gold Alliance provides a buyback policy—meaning it will repurchase your precious metal bars or coins at the current buyback price. By law, the company is prohibited from guaranteeing repurchase, but it has a track record of buying back metals it sold to its clients. 

Annual IRA fee$200, covering storage, insurance, statements, and account access
Precious metals pricesVary based on market conditions

Influenced by global economic factors

Specific prices not disclosed on website

Gold Alliance’s website didn’t mention a moneyback guarantee, but the buyback policy offers a level of reassurance about the liquidity of the investment. We recommend contacting Gold Alliance to clarify any uncertainties regarding fees and policies.

Our take on Gold Alliance’s precious metals inventory

  • LendEDU: 4.5 out of 5
  • Biggest benefit: Robust selection of metals
  • Biggest drawback: Prices aren’t listed online

Gold Alliance, with a 4.5 out of 5 editorial rating, does not earn a best-for designation in terms of its precious metals inventory. Its solid 4.5 rating reflects its comprehensive range of metals and customer service. 

Gold Alliance is well-suited for investors looking for a broad selection of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, accompanied by strong support and education resources. However, compared to competitors, Gold Alliance lacks specific standout features. For example:

  • American Hartford Gold, rated 4.9, is our highest-rated overall gold dealer. 
  • Oxford Gold Group, with a 4.7 rating, offers the largest collection of platinum and palladium. 
  • Red Rock Secured, scoring 4.6, is notable for its price protection, compensating clients for lost value on qualified metals.

Gold Alliance offers a robust selection of precious metals and excellent customer service, but it does not specialize in areas where its competitors have distinct advantages.

Gold Alliance precious metals inventory at a glance

Investing in precious metals with Gold Alliance offers individuals a way to diversify their portfolio beyond traditional investments. As a non-IRA gold and silver dealer, Gold Alliance provides a wide array of metals, including options for collectibles and low mintage items. 

Its services extend to secure storage and delivery options, ensuring a comprehensive and secure investment experience. A buyback policy adds an extra layer of reassurance.

Here’s a snapshot of what Gold Alliance offers in its precious metals inventory:

Types of metals soldGold, palladium, platinum, silver, collectible, common bullion, low mintage
Countries of originUnited States, West India, Canada, Australia, U.K.
Products availableCoins and bars
Storage optionsAt home, safe, private depository (includes insurance), bank safe-deposit box
Delivery optionsFedEx or USPS registered and insured; signature required 

Takes up to 10 days post-payment clearance

Alternative options for orders over $500,000
Payment methodsCheck, wire transfer
State availabilityAll 50 states
FeesNot disclosed
Unique benefitsBuyback policy with a strong track record of repurchases

Whether you’re looking to invest in gold, silver, or other precious metals, Gold Alliance offers the variety and support to make informed decisions tailored to your investment goals.

How do you purchase metals through Gold Alliance?

Purchasing precious metals through Gold Alliance involves a straightforward, guided process. Here are the key steps and explanations:

1. Fund your account

Fund your account with Gold Alliance using a check or wire transfer. This step is crucial to establish a financial basis for your metal purchases.

2. Consult with a portfolio manager

After funding, you’ll work closely with a senior portfolio manager from Gold Alliance. The manager assists in exploring options, ensuring the metals selected align with your investment goals.

3. Select and purchase metals

View the inventory available through consultation with your portfolio manager. Make informed decisions on the types of metals, considering factors such as market trends and personal investment strategy.

4. Delivery and storage

Gold Alliance arranges for discreet, fully insured delivery of your purchased metals to your doorstep, requiring your signature for added security. Your storage options include at-home storage, safe-deposit boxes, or private depositories.

This process, designed for convenience and security, ensures that you acquire the precious metals that suit your investment needs and receive them safely and securely.

How much does it cost to purchase metals through Gold Alliance?

When purchasing metals through Gold Alliance, investors’ costs are influenced by market dynamics and individual choices. However, Gold Alliance doesn’t list its metal prices online. 

To understand the current prices for gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, you must contact Gold Alliance. This lack of transparent, accessible pricing can be a downside for those seeking immediate insights into fluctuating market prices.

Gold Alliance’s buyback policy provides security in terms of investment liquidity. This policy, alongside the variable costs and the need for direct contact for pricing, are critical for potential investors to consider.

The main costs include:

Metal pricesVaried and dependent on market conditions

Requires a call to Gold Alliance for current rates
Shipping and insuranceEnsures safe delivery of your metals

Costs are additional but not disclosed on website

We encourage a proactive approach of contacting Gold Alliance for the most current pricing and cost details.

Pros and cons of Gold Alliance

Gold Alliance offers a range of services in precious metals investment, each with its benefits and limitations. Understanding these pros and cons is crucial for making an informed decision. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown:


  • Dedicated support

    Each investor gets a personal team member from Gold Alliance for tailored guidance.

  • Comprehensive insurance

    Secure storage with comprehensive insurance at Delaware Depository.

  • Variety of metals

    A wide range of precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

  • Buyback policy

    Offers a strong but not guaranteed buyback policy for client metals.

  • Educational resources

    Gold Alliance offers a extensive materials to help investors make informed decisions on its website and via a free gold and silver information kit when you enter your contact information on the homepage.


  • No online pricing

    Prices for metals aren’t listed online; investors must call for information.

  • Annual IRA fee

    Charges a flat $200 annual fee for Precious Metals IRAs.

  • Limited competitive edge

    Lacks specific standout features compared to certain competitors.

Gold Alliance provides valuable services including dedicated support and a diverse range of metals, but the absence of online pricing and a higher annual IRA fee may be drawbacks for some investors. 

Compared to competitors American Hartford Gold and Oxford Gold Group, Gold Alliance lacks unique features. For those prioritizing transparency and distinct benefits, exploring alternatives alongside Gold Alliance could be worthwhile.

Is Gold Alliance a reputable company?

When considering a financial product, especially in the realm of investments, customer reviews and company reputation play a crucial role. 

Reviews offer insights into real customer experiences, providing a glimpse into the company’s reliability, service quality, and overall trustworthiness. They are valuable indicators for potential investors to gauge what they might expect from the company.

SourceCustomer ratingNumber of reviews
Trustpilot4.8 out of 551 
Better Business Bureau (BBB)4.98 out of 5173
Google4.7 out of 529

Reviews collected on November 21, 2023.

Gold Alliance boasts strong customer ratings across various platforms. On Trustpilot, it has an impressive 4.8 out of 5, with reviews frequently highlighting exceptional customer service. 

The Better Business Bureau gives Gold Alliance a near-perfect score of 4.98 out of 5 based on 173 customer reviews, along with an A+ rating—a significant accreditation reflecting the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices. Google reviews also mirror this positive sentiment, scoring 4.7 out of 5, with customers praising the company for its effective service and ease of process.

These reviews emphasize Gold Alliance’s excellent customer service, indicating a high level of trust and satisfaction among its clientele. The consistency of high ratings across multiple reputable sources further cements Gold Alliance’s reputation as a trustworthy and competent player in the precious metals investment industry.

Does Gold Alliance have a customer service team?

Gold Alliance boasts a dedicated customer service team based in Reno, Nevada. The team assists clients with account setup, funding, metal selection, and ongoing support. Their commitment to personalized service and expert guidance is a key aspect of Gold Alliance’s high ratings.

To contact Gold Alliance, here are the available options:

  • Email: Via the “contact us” option on the website.
  • Phone number: 888-734-7453 for direct support.
  • Mailing address: 50 W. Liberty St. Suite 420, Reno, NV 89501.
  • Chatbot: For immediate online assistance.
  • Facebook: For social media inquiries and updates.

These contact methods ensure easy and varied access to Gold Alliance’s customer service.

Gold Alliance FAQ

Does Gold Alliance offer any storage options for your metals?

Gold Alliance recommends the Delaware Depository for IRA metals, offering secure storage and insurance within the $200 annual IRA fee. For non-IRA metals, options include at-home storage, safe-deposit boxes, or private depositories, each with varying costs and security levels.

How can you liquidate your metals?

You can sell IRA metals back to Gold Alliance or another dealer, coordinating with your IRA custodian. You can sell non-IRA metals back to Gold Alliance, other dealers, or private buyers. Gold Alliance’s buyback policy is an option for those who purchased from them.

How can you track the value of your metals?

You can track your IRA metals’ values via 24/7 online access through the IRA custodian, along with quarterly mailed statements. For non-IRA metals, values are monitored through financial news, pricing websites, or direct contact with Gold Alliance for current buyback prices.

How we rated Gold Alliance

We designed LendEDU’s editorial rating system to help consumers identify companies that offer the best financial products. Our experts spend hours researching these companies each year to ensure our ratings are fresh and accurate.

Our most recent evaluation compared Gold Alliance to several gold companies across a number of factors, including types of metals, costs, company history, and customer experience. We weighted, scored, and combined these factors to produce a final editorial rating. This rating is expressed on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest possible score. We round all ratings to the nearest tenth decimal place.

ProductBest forOur rating
Gold IRANo best-for designation4.6 out of 5Find out more
Gold dealerNo best-for designation4.5 out of 5Find out more