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Best Cities for Summer Travel with Families

The jackets have slowly been coming off and shorts are beginning to make their way back into weekly wardrobes. The weather is slowly turning for the better and summer is right around the corner. Friends and co-workers are planning tee times and runners are back on the road. The summer is just 2 months away. 

With that said, what better time to look into the best cities for summer travel with families?

​At LendEDU, we conduct studies related to financial topics, but every now and then we will put together a report that looks into a current event or time of the year. For this report we decided to look towards to the warmer weather and rank the top 500 cities in the United States in terms of summer travel with families.

​Cities were ranked based on three criteria:

1. Population Increase during the Summer Season

2. Accommodation and Food Service Employees

3. Total Entertainment Options​

Top 500 Best Cities for Summer Travel with Families


In order to get the list compiled above, we reviewed thousands of cities across the United States. There were three metrics used when evaluating each city. The metrics included the population increase during the summer season, accommodation and food service employees, and total entertainment options. The metric that reviewed the total accommodation and food service employees in the city was used to get an understanding of how well the city could handle an uptick in population during the summer season.

Total entertainment included amusement and recreation parks, aquariums, public swimming pools, water parks, and zoos. Each of the three metrics mentioned above were put through a percentile ranking equation to determine their standing amongst rival cities. The calculated percentage was then multiplied by a predetermined weight to give the score for each category. The total score was determined by summing the categorical scores together. This score was used to rank the cities from best to worst. 

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