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Andrew writes engaging and informative content for readers looking to find information about topics such as student loans, credit cards, personal loans, and small business financing. Andrew’s work has been featured in Market Watch, Bankrate, The Penny Hoarder, and the Lacrosse Tribune.

Articles by Andrew Rombach:

CEO and Co-Founder Jamie Hale Discusses Ladder and Its Innovative Approach to Life Insurance

If consumers today could come to a common consensus about insurance, it would most likely be that it’s confusing. Too often, people get caught up in the jargon and nitty-gritty details when dealing with insurance. When that happens, they may lose out in a couple of ways, whether it’s paying too much, securing the wrong […]

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Kabbage Head of Lending Rob Rosenblatt on Small Business Lending and Access to Capital

The financial services industry has seen developments of new and promising technology for over a decade. Many financial companies, lenders, and banks are changing the way they lend money, allowing consumers better access to credit with an emphasis on alternative data and underwriting as well as faster, more accurate decisions. The consumer lending space isn’t [&helli

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Q&A: CEO Susan Ehrlich Discusses How Earnest Approaches Student Lending

The consumer lending industry has changed drastically over the past decade. With an increasing emphasis on technology-based solutions, banks, lenders, and fintech companies have found innovative ways to offer loan products to consumers. Much of this innovation involves a combination of ease of access, inclusion of alternative data in underwriting, expedited approval decisi

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SVP Todd Nelson Discusses LightStream and Online Consumer Lending

When consumers thought about taking out a personal loan, they often pictured walking into a bank and applying in person, discussing the details with someone across a desk, and then waiting several days to hear the approval decision. That used to be the norm until the advent of online consumer lending. Financial technology, or fintech, […]

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Q&A: Crum & Forster Vice President Liz Watson Talks Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is becoming more and more popular as many pet owners see the value (and safety) of insuring their pet’s health. Here at LendEDU, we love our pets and have been invested in learning about pet insurance, insurance providers, and more – all in the hopes of educating consumers and veterinarians about how pet […]

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Pathrise CEO Kevin Wu Talks Career Accelerators and Getting Hired

A key problem for many college graduates today is getting hired. Landing a job is a tough gig in general. On top of being generally qualified, there are plenty of skills to master when job searching such as building a resume, interviewing effectively, learning brand new skills for certain jobs, and networking – to name […]

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Chris Costello Offers Insight on Robo-Advisors, Wealth Management, and blooom

According to Statista, robo-advisors are a growing trend in the wealth management space, accounting for over $980 billion in asset management as of 2019 – up from $240 billion in 2017. The same report shows that robo-users have increased by 250% in the same time frame. Today, many consumers can simply hop on the computer […]

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Climb Credit CEO Angela Ceresnie Discusses Bridging the Gap Between Education and Employment

College is often viewed as the traditional path to gainful employment: graduate high school, attend college, get a degree, work in a field, and make money. It sounds simple enough. However, reality often differs from expectations. Traditional colleges are arguably better known for leaving graduates with high debt and few job prospects according to the […]

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Q&A: Nir Yeffet Explains the Leap Life Approach to Life Insurance

In general, insurance products are rife with confusing details and stipulations – an aspect of an industry already famous for opacity. These common issues simply make it harder for consumers to secure coverage. Life insurance is no exception. According to a recent survey, Americans think life insurance is as complicated as the notorious tax season. […]

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Q&A: CEO Peter Abualzolof Talks Mashvisor and Real Estate Investing

I recently had the opportunity to pick the brain of Mashvisor CEO & Co-Founder Peter Abualzolof to create this Q&A. For those who don’t know, Mashvisor is a startup that has been in business for four years, specializing in the real estate investment space. Mashvisor helps investors discover investment properties while also providing them data t

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