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David Haas, CFP®

David Haas, CFP®, advises families, professionals, executives, and business owners on how to build better financial futures. His expertise includes financial planning, investment management, and insurance. David is a board member of the Financial Planning Association of New Jersey.


About David Haas, CFP®

Current Role

Founder and president, Cereus Financial Advisors


Student loans, college financial planning, retirement planning, divorce, health insurance, life insurance, investment management


Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering with a minor in economics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, MBA in finance from Pace University, certificate in financial planning from Fairleigh Dickinson University

Personal Finance Experience

David has been a financial planner since 2013, helping clients with comprehensive financial planning geared toward funding education and retirement goals.

A certified financial planner (CFP®), David uses a cash-flow approach to planning where he examines a client’s current cash flow and projects that into the future. David has also helped clients with specific situation, such as divorce or non-traditional families. He has taught financial planning at a local university and is currently the education director of the Financial Planning Association of New Jersey.

One of David’s particular areas of expertise is college planning. He works with families during the college choice phase to make sure financial considerations are part of the college choice process.

David develops a budget to pay for all four years of a traditional undergraduate education and helps families apply for financial aid and merit scholarships. Once college offers come in, he works with families to evaluate the financial package and appeal aid offers.

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