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Rand Millwood, CFP®

Rand Millwood, CFP®, CIMA®, AIF®, is a partner at Guardian Wealth Partners in Raleigh, North Carolina. His firm assists clients of all ages and areas of life (with a strong background in the medical and legal fields) in planning, investing, and preparing for retirement and other financial goals.

About Rand Millwood, CFP®

Current Role

Partner, financial advisor


  • Financial Planning
  • Investments
  • Education Planning

Certifications & Degrees

  • Certified Financial Planner™
  • Certified Investment Management Analyst®
  • Accredited Investment Fiduciary®
  • Bachelor of science in accounting from North Carolina State University

Personal Finance Experience

Rand began his financial advisory career in 2005 with A.G. Edwards before transitioning into the registered investment advisory side of the business. In 2019, he left the firm with a group of coworkers to start his current firm, Guardian Wealth Partners, a fee-based independent registered investment advisory firm that serves clients nationwide.

Over the years, he has worked with many clients to help them plan and prepare for the unknowns of their financial future. With a focus on organizing and refining his client's goals and plans for the future, he enjoys seeing clients' futures formalize, thus allowing them an increased peace of mind about where their future is headed. Rand is a certified financial planner (CFP®), certified investment management analyst (CIMA®), and an accredited investment fiduciary (AIF®).

Rand is a firm believer in the power of knowledge; thus, he spends a lot of time educating his clients on the financial markets and walking them through much of the complicated information that exists today. He finds this increased financial literacy improves his relationship with his clients and filters into other areas of their lives, providing them with confidence to navigate areas that seem foreign to many others.

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